Nice work with this drawing! And welcome back Scrawly! Feels like it’s been forever since we’ve last seen your here. lol Don’t worry, Steemit was not on fire. kicks fire extinguisher out the way

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Blue wolf!!! :D

I see that you're still very active on Steemit. It's always good to see a familiar friendly face. And I'm glad that you're taking care of the place so that it's not on fire XD.

Hehe Yeah, been steady trying to keep up posting here and activities here. It’s been a balancing act between that and posting on other medias and drawing. I’ve eased some workload lately by doing and posting drawing videos thru DTube.

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Yo! Awesome to see your art and your presence again. I concur: Thilas are great! Neat use of the cools vs warms in your piece. And the classic scrawly signature somewhere... always easily findable but not too scandalous. And the gif is really cool. I'll have to check steem more often to catch your arts freshhh.

Zzznnnkd!! Your comments are awesome yo, filled with personalised warm goodness that make me feel gud whenever I see them, and sometimes really funny too lol.

I'm not planning to post everyday like I used to, so no need to check Steem more often to see my arts, but that's such a sweet thing to say. What a wonderful globe gradient colours of goodness you are <3.


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Nom nom, thanks for the cake, helpie and spideroo.

It's not a while it's been long @scrawly,lol. So good to see you back, i missed your artworks and the stories behind them:) Happy birthday to @thilah, is a present to have such a thoughtful friend as you:)

Thanks George.

I don’t usually make fanarts of other people’s character but Thilah is super nice and her characters are almost as adorable as herself so I’m glad I can draw her OCs without too much pressure hahaha.

Thank you! And yesh scrawly is such a gift

I was so glad to see your post today scrawly! And you’re absolutely right, you should update your blog whenever you feel like it! <3

I’m glad to see you as well, foxxie-chan ^_^.

Okay I can finally comment! sorry, my latest post took a while to type out

Thank you so much scrawly!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
His shirt though I ahhhh 😭😭😭❤❤❤ It should be "scrawlys are good" because you're so hecking good and nice and sweet aahhhhh I love how you drew Baylen! Whenever I get around to continuing the series I'm definitely going to feature this!

Also hell yeah! Scrawly art! I missed your arts ahh thank you again for this wonderful gift hugs you a lot

Aaaah I am so glad that you like it! It’s always doki doki time whenever I draw other people’s characters, though this time it’s not too scary, not sure why, maybe because Baylen is such a sweet serial killer (lol?). I feel that he’s encouraging me to keep going with his easygoingness.

I hope you have a wonderful day! hugs

So good to see you in my feed again ☺️ Missed you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Wow lele has transformed into Justine now :o.

I miss you too, and I'm glad that you're still doing awesomely.
Keep kicking asses and taking names, lele eeh Justine! :D

A Happy Welcome Back @scrawly ! ^_^

Thank you sweet Barbara <3.

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Baylen looks so awesome and handsome and cute and killerly all at the same time waoh! I do not miss the detailing that he's still wearing his rubber glove at the other hand .............. what a dilligent serial killer, always observing hygienic concerns. am i rite~


My favourite thing is his smile.... it is very disarming and very wonderful * ___ *


dont leave me alone again scrowley ; __ ;

Hehehe... awwww one thing I miss the most from Steemit is reading your glorious comments XD.

I’m glad that you like Baylen. I find him interesting to draw because I want to capture that he’s both very nice and also has a very dubious hobby that is only okay for fictional characters lol.

The background kinda stumped me but I’m glad it turns out alright in the end, but I had to redraw it a lot of times. Hopefully I level up in that area ^^.

Scrawly is back! Nice :D

Thanks arrr =).


And a fantastic piece of fanart it is too. Good shirt ;D

Shirts are good.

Thilahs are good.

Fyns are ALSO good <3333.

If Thilahs are good, then why there's no Thilahs 2 yet?

Lol, sorry. Welcome back, Scrawly. It's nice to see your drawing again. But if I remember correctly (as if it's been years lol), this isn't how you usually draw, right? Which is cool that you can make a fanart with the artstyle of the original artwork. Not sure if that's what you were going for for this one, but either way, awesome work, Scrawly!
And oooh speaking of which, you know you're great enough artist when people start making fanart of your work, @thilah!

I believe Thilah can multiply at will ... because she’s magical!!

Oh yeah, when I draw other people’s OCs, my art gets influenced by their style. It’s important for me that they will like what I make and hopefully I capture parts of the character’s personalities.

And it’s cute that you notice, that means you’ve been paying attention to my art. Thanks and hurrah ^_^.

SO GOOD to see you are back scrawly :) it has been much too long. It so nice to see your art again. Really missed you :) Ulla

Ulla! Aaahh it's good that you're still here and posting lots of great pics. And that you still remember me after all this time ^_^.


Hi again :) yeah, I am still here. And yes, I remember you and your wonderfull art. Enjoyed very much following you and the devopment some of your work. But I guess, sometimes it is nessasary to have a break :)

I'm so happy that you are back again Scrawly. Steemit life just hasn't been the same without you. I look forward to seeing how your adventures continue to open out.

I kept coming here every now and then but have only just seen this new artwork. It's great. I never would have known he is a serial killer ~ But watching Killing Eve a while back, made me realize that you may not always know what's behind a smiling face.

I understand how a few days can turn into a few months once you start a small 'break' ~ I hope it's been a time of renewal and relaxation and reenergizing, a time to gain new insight and maybe even new skills? Too late to upvote so a small !tip to welcome you back. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

I am doing good Ally! I've used my break from Steemit to consider about lots of stuff in my life, which is good since when I'm in the middle of a project, I tend to forget about the big picture. Coming back and posting to Steemit after such a long time is a bit daunting, like coming back to school lol, but I'm so glad that I've seen lots of familiar and friendly faces welcoming me back.

When I read Thilah's online comic, I can't really believe that he is a serial killer either since he is so nice, especially to his girlfriend but his dark nature might be because he's not entirely human.

And no need to give me a tip, your presence is already a boon =).

It's always helpful to come back to the bigger picture @scrawly. Things and people come and go and some remain, but some things within ourselves need the nourishment that space away from everything can give. And when the time's right, it's always good to begin again with a fresh outlook. Picking up from where you left off can initially be daunting. But then you'll most likely find that you have that much more to give ~ And the ability/wisdom to choose when to give it. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

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Long time no speak! I hope you're doing well scrawls ;)

I'm sorry you assumed that I was guilty without a trial or even asking my side of the story. Goodbye.

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