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About a month ago I saw this awesome picture of @meno which stuck in my mind. Meno you are so super cool and I really appreciate all the time and energy you put into making Steemit a joy to be part of. So, using a very basic phone app, I made a tiny piece of art in honor of this one particular major-effort you went to, cycling...

In case anyone has ever wondered how it might feel to attempt a 20 mile bike ride for the first time... it probably feels exactly like this:


I think this sums up that simultanious elation and exhaustion one feels as they collapse into the reverie of their accomplishments.


This is the fourth mini-animation I have attempted, made on my phone by manually tracing lines around a screenshot and filling the colours. The others are:

A portrait of @yusaymon

A portrait of Ava & @ivan.atman

And an owl for @cabelindsay's Vision Quest

I also began one for a scene from JuJu Gum, which I didn't finish, and frankly, didn't @vachemorte already make all the best gifs known to man for that film?!

I also just found another gem by @meno, so maybe this will be the next one...?

...Peas out brotherz and sisterzz°•☆

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This is great! At first I thought @meno got into an accident ...
You were up for a good start with the Juju drawing but I won't say more as you might feel forced to complete it :P


I think she should animate the ENTIRE juju gum conspiracy frame by frame!!! :D :D :D


Now that you mention it... it's EXACTLY WHAT I WANT !!! by next monday, that be the best, make it happen Basil !!!!


Haha well I have officially started 1.2 frames now! It will be finished next monday. The eternal 'next Monday'. ☆


:P Don'T ask me to be rational in my demands...not my style!!!

Ohhhh @sazzler this is pretty awesome!!! I will summon some minions and send you some well deserved love!!!

*** Disappears into a cloud


:-D Hahaha!! Thankyou magical genie! ♡

Nice! Happy to see you're still creating your animations. I absolutely love each of the cartoons in your collection here.

  ·  last year (edited)

:) thanks so much Cabe! Im super busy at the mo but your encouragement helped push me to do another one! Hope to catch up with you/ your page soon! x