The Worst Post on Steemit

in art •  8 months ago

I present to you the worst post I have ever seen on Steemit:

The Eye of Horus by @novert

It's a picture of a twist tie and a piece of popcorn and some total bullshit about Horus. 

The WORST post I have EVER seen on ALL of Steemit!! That's quite an accomplishment, @novert - there is serious shit out there. 

Naturally I made it better, because that's the best way to utilize trash:

the original was worth $302 at the time of this writing! 

Who do you think is gaming this shit?

What shitpost will tomorrow bring??

💛 Sara! 

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Yes, Until now, there was no way to prevent this type of behavior, but now i feel that time has come for Steemit Inc., to make some changes and prevent this kind of abuse. Nowdays i can notice considerable amount of changes and testing happening on the Steem Blockchain, the point is that now we need to have an extra layer of safety on Steemit and that makes the platform even better & secure.


I don't believe in "rules" that restrict all users because of a few bad actors, and I don't think regulation from a centralized authority is a long term answer.
This community has identified a problem.
Now, it's up to the free market to come up with a solution!

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh @saramiller, you sure do have a way with words, and cuss words especially seem so funny in the way you use them.

The shit you added to this post is much more artistic than the original post itself. Way to alchemize that shit!


Making you laugh is one of my frequent motivations :)

Hmmm, well, this makes me want to stop posting my short stories (which take many hours to draft, edit, polish, post and find appropriate pictures for) to SteemIt and go to a different platform. Yikes. My thought however, is that this shit is being pushed just for that get good quality content off of Steemit, to sabotage the system. Alright then, I'll stick around a while longer, hopefully the people with the most to lose here will work together on some good solutions. We'll see.


This shit can be totally discouraging and does not make Steemit look very good.
I can understand your frustration with putting a lot of energy into something for seemingly very little returns, but I hope it doesn't turn you off completely! It's an interesting ecosystem here, and strategies for success are constantly being refined.
Are you utilizing support like @minnowsupport and @curie?


Nah, I don't go away that easily ;) Mind you, I've only been here a couple/three weeks, however some of the crap going on here sort of pops out at you pretty quick. The post you've ripped is particularly scummy...pumped up by the pay bots, then reinforced by the Bitconnect scammers (trevonjb, craig-grant) who are chucking their toys out the pram cause other whales are silencing them here (so now I guess they want to burn the house down? I dunno).

Anyway, there are definitely some great resources here. Yep, I know about curie and have had a few stories upped by them. I've seen @minnowsupport around though I thought this was just a pay bot like all the others....guess I need to investigate it, thanks for the heads up :)

I just checked it out - he's been doing this for a long time and it's bullshit.

Let the flagging begin.


Disappointing to see such low integrity. Flag on!

Wholeheartedly agreed @saramiller. I am seriously bamboozled how some of these shite-post are making so much on steemit. I'm a bit out of the loop on steemit for the last couple of months, but everytime I check in I see these post that are somehow gaming the system, and putting next to no effort into their post and calling it art.


A lot of shit is making a lot of money because we now have bots where you can buy upvotes.
I actually think that's an ingenious free market product, but the "problem" is individuals with "get rich quick" mindsets and low integrity.

I believe that providing value to the community is key to success.
Posters of low quality content will disappear.


While I hope you're right, the amount of shit on the trending pages has increased exponentially. That makes Steemit look like shit.

Bots are such a turnoff... I hope Steemit ends up banning voting buying bots. It makes people feel like the system is rigged. And it sorta is..


I wouldn't say the system is rigged, but it's definitely a game and the "rules" aren't exactly disclosed.
I think bots are great, but it depends on what action they are programmed to perform. What is the intention of their creator?

To me, restricting all users (such as by banning bots) is not a fair or just solution because a few bad actors game the system.

To me, the ultimate solution comes down to individual revolutions in values - this particular post is an obviously a move to earn money for oneself with no consideration for the whole. I wish I had a solution for inspiring people to erase their greedy programs and replace them with care for each other, but other than using my own life as an example...I'm really at a loss.

So then if people are what they are and we can't change them, and if regulating everyone's freedom isn't the answer, what can we actually do to make this the best place it can be ?

Maybe the conversation this inspires will be more valuable than the shit post. Maybe it will be the shit post that actually changes things and we'll end up giving thanks for it!


I actually went to that person's profile, and they've done a series of these type of posts. I actually found it pretty cool. Brought up the ideas of "What is art?" "What can be art?" "Turning Trash Into Treasure" - it made me think of my "Brush Paper" paintings. I'm not sure if the post is any more "obviously a move to earn money for oneself with no consideration for the whole" than anyone else's posts on here really. Other than the fact they're using bots to upvote... Just wait until Coca-Cola and McDonalds figure out how relatively cheap it is to get on the trending page here. I worked in advertising for 17 years, 10-20 thousand bucks a week (which is peanuts for them, the total market cap of Steem is pretty much peanuts for them) and a bot and they could pretty much take over Steemit's trending pages.

The average social media user trying Steemit for the first time isn't going to care about the reasons behind them, they're going to be more like me - totally turned off when bots SPAM their first few posts and that's it, "This place is infested with bots, bye"

I guess there's some bots that are helpful and useful, but, Steemit is SUPPOSED to be based on content, and actual people engaging with each other based on that content. Otherwise it could be a slippery slope towards ending up like Facebook. That's my 2 cents anyway.

bots maybe?


Fo sho, top 4 votes are from paid upvote bots. Next 2 votes are from known scammers.

$302? Wow.
Ha! Nice modification. Do you mind if I ask what you are using to gif-ify?


google search "free gif maker" returns some decent options.


Like the post. Why just one popcorn? Will tomorrow bring more than one popcorn. haha


Why any of it? WHY?


Hahaha.. Humanities vanity & insanity!!

Yes that's the very bad things abt this platform.. The people with much power only support them self and got lots of upvote for super garbage post like this... It's a big hit in the face for people with low power who really makes good post.. But never been seen... And not much motivation.. Well well its how it works... Have a lovely Sunday 🌟 🙏 this is a issue how need to be solved with this platform in the future... But most of people are kind of gready and thinkost abt them self of course.. It's OK but not feer like I see it... ✌️


Yes so it is in the world that we've got a concentration of power without much consideration for others.
There are some whales, witnesses, and Steemit devs who use their resources to support smaller users (check out @minnowsupport, for example), but greed is rampant too.

Everyone is motivated by their own selfish self interests. To me, the most benefit is realized when selfishness aligns with service to the greater good. For example, someone who loves to cook can provide for everyone in the community!

Steemit is an interesting place in that it encourages us all to rethink and redefine VALUES - not just financial rewards, but actual motivating values!

When individuals begin to consider how their actions affect the whole rather than just themselves, then the whole is changed.

I think we're seeing all this shit come up so we can level up within ourselves and therefore rebuild a better, more meaningful community.


Yes you absolutely right in what you are saying.. Unfortunately it dosent work in practice.. Why do you think 1 % of all people in the world sitting om 99% of the money om the world... And the same here on steemit.. Because they want to share?😂 and why is it thay all the people i follow on steemit with much power always show up in my feed... But the one with no power or very lett power.. Never show up i my fees.. I need always to find them on my the list over the ones I follow.. Then click on there nick to be able the see some of there good blog post here on steemit... That's also why sutch a amazingly bullshit post like you reposted here get lots of payment.. It's not good for the platform and lots of other things.. Well well its how it is.. We"loosers"just need to so the best out of it... And never give up ✌️💙🕉️ and come on @minnowsupport you kidding now? Maybe you got one upvote from them every 100 times you try... Well we need why better then that... Just take you as a example.. I bet you never have been at my site.. And you know what I don't really care at all... I Just notice it and keep it up.. Have a lovely Sunday sister!

I have seen worst than this, only thing is those were from minnows who had no money left in their account to buy up votes to make it to the trending page.


The fact that someone had the audacity to pay for this popcorn and twist tie on a grubby floor to get to the trending page is what makes it so bad to me.

It's worth about $298 now...


Even less now!

Lol there's shit-posts from random spammers in every comment section. Even in this post people art commenting saying nice art and not even reading the actual message in the post.


Yes there is shit everywhere, and from what I see it's getting worse.

I'm dying!!! :)))) This was my thought, too.... I really don't get how this Steemit works. How come that ugly shit can receive so many votes?


This post got so many rewards because they paid for upvotes from 4 bid bots.
There are a LOT of subtleties to this platform that new users don't see yet.

Wow..Great art...


Really takes the breath away, doesn't it?

Wow..Great art...



Hahahah😂 cant stop it! What happened my dear @saramiller you came across such a shit post! I thought I was alone wondering at some post value comparing to their contents . It is true there are some posts like this one , good for nothing but still earned alot.
This because of the human nature , on any craziest thing you do , you will find group and masters already on it . this what is happening here too.
One day I just saw a post here , it was Dtube video , a guy just recorded himself talking nonsense while playing with his long hair but the post earned $560 😨 , I fainted.💤💤💤💤
But let it go @saramiller and lets steeemit on our way better! 👌

Great post.
Please see my post @riefwalker and give upvote if you like, i am very thankfull for that. Best regards. :)

wow very nice post friend please help me up-vote


This is not a successful strategy on Steemit!

You have a work in art, hope you can be successful, I want to be like you.
I will upvote dan resteem


I will always follow you😊😃

I think there are a few disgusting and nasty jobs ، One of the most disgusting things when I try to win the trust of some people think that I am a deceiver ,,, Honestly they do not know that I am a simple person trying to gain their trust in me ، Other I like your articles about yoga so much، u r cool person ,,, good luck my dear friend @saramiller 👍👍😉.
All the best for you 🌹😊


Hmmmm, how to respond?
I don't think trust is really something to "win" - either you are a trustworthy person or you are not. If you want trust, just BE trustworthy!
Whether another person can see your character or not is up to them and not you, but if you are honorable then it is dishonorable of them not to honor your honor ;)
Unfortunately there are plenty of people in the world perfectly fine with being dishonorable.
Blessings to you!


Thank you very much for your wonderful words, and I really agree with your opinion ,,, really you are a wonderful person ,,, and I wish you more success ,,, you are a person deserves the best and appreciation.
All the best for u my dear friend @saramiller 👍🌹😉😊

Did you ever see Regretsy? It was a hilarious blog about all the totally ridiculous things people listed for sale on Etsy.
Maybe we should have a category of #SteemitFails (or some other creative name)

You know how to dig into the scum bottom of things @saramiller. And you crack me up with your way about you!!! It is super disturbing that this is what people want to see and what they invest their time and energy on. As you say, using yourself as an example is the obvious answer, but people just don't seem to get the hint. Wow, what shit!!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention--perhaps we can take the opportunity to level up!

I don't understand how that could ever even get to be worth 302$.. (O_O)

Your gif presenting the shit-post is millions of times more awesomely artistically admirable than the original!

Hahahaha, well that gif made the pic much better now because it's funny.

Too bad not everyone can use bots, otherwise that person will have a lot of competition. Lol.

He definitely has the talent to TAKE A SHIT AND POST IT ONLINE.
The question is why Steemit tolerates such behaviour ?
Is there nothing we can do ?
Thanks, Sara !

@saramiller if you or anyone haven't figured it out yet. @novert spelled backwards is Trevon lol it's his account @trevonjb shows the depth of his scam. This person brings the hood where ever he goes. (nothing more then a Hoodrat)

I feel that post should have been two posts. I like taking silly pictures of food too, so it should have gone into the tags Food, Fun, Funny, and such. Then his post about the eye of Horus, could have been with mroe appropriate photos, like from pexels, beginning with how his popcorn twistie eye inspired him, and it SHOULD have been A LOT more elaborate than that. There is so much more that can be said about teh Eye of Horus, its symbolism in the real work of today and Law of Attraction, how it's used in the media, it's occult uses, dream representations and interpretations, etc. The kernel could have made a few dollars, an elaborate post about Horus could be worth the amount the post made.

Gosh, it makes me jealous. My grape branches smiley bowl only made a few cents.