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This is the last of a series of paintings I created during the Mischtechnique Seminar I did in Austria in 2014 with Professor

Phil Rubinov and Mantra Cora.
I learnt to use egg tempera and oil in layers.

If anybody is interested in taking part in the course this year I think this is the link:

To see the others you can visit previous posts:

This one came back from the seminar quite unfinished. It was an experiment we did with acrylics to create an abstract ground to work on.
I left it in the studio for a few years in this state...

...till, in 2017 I finally worked on it with oils and a bit of egg tempera. I was working on many neurological patterns and this one took shape in this state.
It was so vibrant and alive!
I was surprised by it also.

In this pic one can see how it was framed and hung in the exhibition.
The thing is, that just before I had my exhibition and had also made the poster using this vibrant image, my friend and musician Robert Rich decided it was perfect for his next release and wanted it.


So then I sent it to California after the exhibition to it´s new home with Robert and Dixie. Although, the painting got a little damaged in the mail and a bit was recovered by Robert´s ability but then, when I was over in California visiting now in June I had the pleasure to spend some time with them and also be able to personally restore it.
This is after it is hanging again in his studio

Robert Rich´s album is called Biode and can be heard and purchased at

I have become personally ver attached to this album I often listen to while painting.

His website is

Here are the graphics:



I hope you enjoy this music and paintings travels.
Best Wishes,

As this is the last painting of this series, here is an image I took of the paintings at the stage they were when I left the seminar in 2014.



This is simply beautiful and radiant in its strange dream energies, @romanie ! I feel like I am a tiny molecule, looking up at the giant flowers and they were .... suns * ___ *

Gorgeous paintings <3

Thank you Veryspider, that is a lovely description!

I absolutely adore that painting! It's even better that it kicked around in your brain for several years from start to finish. Are there prints of it available anywhere?

Thank you mattifer! I have some posters left, like the one you can see in the post... or you can get the album and have it in tini format ;-)

Very cool. Where would I go to order one?

if you send me an email from my web I´ll reply and then we can go from there...thanks!

Will do, thanks!

Wow! Your works are amazing! I would give a lot to see them in real life.

Thank you Niemier! Hope you do have a chance one day to see them in real... ;-)

Wonderful and what an honour for them to have the artists own restoration!

I will check out his music! thanks.

cool! let me know if you enjoy the music!

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Yesssssss!!! This is amazing. Keep it up 👍🏻

thank you!

Hello @romanie, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you so much!

Wow at first sight I thought it was a piece of fabric we call ankara here in Africa. Such a lovely painting. The damage caused my mailing a work sometime is so frustrating. It's all good that it's in good shape now. You are awesome

Thank you Unyimeetuk! I know the fabrics you mean and there is a resemblance! I hadn´t thought of that! Best Wishes!

Exquisite. The title and the subject are a perfect match.

Thank you Drakos!

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