🎨🤬 Painter's accident...

in art •  3 months ago

I really hate, when that happens... particularly when my sweetheart then makes one of her smart ass comments along the lines of this being my own fault. Plus she's right on top it!

Yes, it is a bad habit to keep a drink on my desk/pallet. And every time I accidentally dip my brush in it, I swear, to keep it out of reach from now on... until it happens again 😜


I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own "accident"



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Smile and remember what Bob Ross would say:

”There are no mistakes. Only happy accidents.”

:) And at least the happy accident was in your drink and not on canvas.


Haha.. that's great. Yeah, prefer the accident with the drink over canvas any time!


I think every art teaching I ever had always said 'happy accidents' as well. And once, my coffee spill turned into me doing a series of coffee/tea stain maps of imagines places.


That's awesome! Gotta make the most of every instance that's for sure! How creative.

hahahah that's so funny :D my friend does this all the time and she sometimes even drink the 'painted' drink because she was like whatever... XD;;;;;;;


Haha.. thank god I never drank any. To my knowledge. Don't know if I want to have that taste of turpentine in my mouth 😝

Yes I know, washing my watercolors in coffee all the time :) And than, make another one..it's just beauty of the work :))) 🤯


Seems like a lot of artists have a similar "problem".. Wonder why that is so 🤔


I think reason is we all have something to drink on table while working, and since we ''get lost'' in our work it's normal to make something so mechanical :)

lol :D, glaube das passiert den meisten von uns aus der Malergemeinde fast regelmäßig.... :D
und das Glas außer Reichweite zu stellen ist einer der guten Vorsätze die einfach nicht praktikabl sind.
Besser wäre es wahrscheinlich wenn wir anfangen würden Bilder mit Lebensmittelfarbe zu malen :D.
In jedem Fall: Prost!


Haha.. 😂 ja, ich glaub, das ist fast allen schon passiert. Anderes Medium ist eine gute idee... Rotwein könnte gehen. Ist man halt farblich etwas eingeschränkt..


Ist mir auch schon passiert. Welches edle Getränk hast du denn da verunreinigt? Und die wichtigste Frage: Hast du es schon mal versehentlich getrunken, nachdem du deinen Pinsel darin eingetaucht hast?

:)))))) Danke für den Lacher!


Hahaha... Gott sei Dank hab ich es bis jetzt immer rechtzeitig gemerkt! Wollte zur Spätschicht ein Schlückchen Gin probieren. Als Lösungsmittel ist er jedenfalls recht brauchbar!

Haha.. das ist echt ein "Klassiker", das passiert mir auch sehr oft!


Klassiker ist richtig. Scheint ziemlich verbreitet zu sein :-)

I laughed so hard my partner asked if I was okay. I then told him that you were a painter and that you said it was a bad habit to keep a drink on your desk and afterwards he guessed very quickly what I was laughing so hard about and joined in XD

You have to admit it's pretty freaking hilarious ;D


Well, I guess it is funny 😜 ...just imagine, I didn't notice and still drink from that glass!

Haha, my sister does the same thing! She always has a cup of tea next to her when se paints.


That's funny... sounds like that is rather common among painters. Would love to see more of her work!

Pencils in the coffee is the equivalent for me! It could be worse! Keep on tinkering!


worse?.. yeah, ball pen in the coffee. Both ruined ;-) Happy drawing!


As always! Thank you!

I can't count the amount of times I have done this! Another positive towards when I am painting or drawing digitally :)


digitally? I once spilled my beer over my laptop, reaching for it without looking and tipping the glass over.

funny, but not as funny as what I observed at the Ernst Fuchs Studio. I don't want to get into details, but lets just say he used the Palffy wine glasses, and you never knew if it was turpentine or wine .......... or whatever ........

Doh! Well, it is so nice if you didn't accidentally drink it too! lol

I have been known to dip my brush in my coffee cup, and try to take the metro with the house key instead of a ticket. Just a bit distracted sometimes.

Don't feel too bad Reinhard, it's normal. ;-)