More Fish - a surrealistic attempt to build a better mouse trap

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Fish day again!

Lets start with a close-up, or detail here too, as I have found out, that this gives me a bit more control over the look of the thumbnail in the feed. Not that I'm a control freak! ... nono! Not me!

How could an artist possibly be a control freak anyways... pfffft (eyeroll)

As you can see the, the close up simply shows the pencil drawing on glass a lot better than the next picture, where you can see it a s whole.


This is the piece I am currently working on. Little different from the last fish post, and also not inspired by a vacation in the Caribbean. Paper bag this time.


Title is "Mouse trap" (go figure 😉) and it is not finished at this point. Only the pencil drawing on glass so far, as explained here. The next step will be adding the colors and building a frame for it.

What color should I make her shoes?

photo by me of my own artwork. The original is graphite pencil, work in progress on reverse side of glass, as explained in this post on Hintreglas


This one really grabs my eyes. There is so much here to study. I love the mechanics of the fish, especiallly the round pieces at each moving part like under the mouth and at each fin & tail. I like his perpetual expression with downturned mouth and big wary eye, but then something is disarming and endearing about his short little round body. And then the feet and shoes are just smooth perfection... 👌🏼

Your skills are amazing my friend.

Your beautiful comment is overwhelming, I actually got the goosebumps reading it (hope its appropriate to mention that)

Thank you so very much for this detailed expression of your feelings about my drawing and for your kind compliment. It means a lot to me 😊

Your pleasure gives me pleasure. You are welcome. 🙏🏽

Beautifully detailed artwork! Congrats, you are very talented!

Thank you for your kind words. Your blog looks interesting, will have to take a closer look!

Thats really cool work , Reminds me of Paulo-Sanches work

Thank you :-) Feels nice to be compared to a good artist!

You are a Good Artist, never doubt yourself. I dont :)

Again thanks for the kind compliment. Have phases of major doubt though, every now and then..

Amazing tones and details!

The details are finished, but building up the colors in layers will still be a lot of work.. Glad you like it :-)

Love this one, a kind of mechanical fish!

Thank you. I have always liked mechanics and its a major aspect of my work.

Oh, I also like that, it's not a "major aspect" of my work, but I really like that!
I love to mix things with mechanic parts, like this mechanical-insect serie I did :)

Thank a lot for the link. Absolutely love it!!

creepy and weird and intriguing and I love it ;D

Hehe.. thank you! Good reasons by the way ;-)

Shoes? Definitely red. You have nerves like rostfrei wire. How many hours do you need for this?

Good choice! Thought in the same direction ;-) So far the drawing took me some 3 weeks..

It's incredible!!! Love it!

Thank you very much :-) I see you are an artist as well.. have to check your work later tonight!

Hahahahha sure :)

Hehe... sure... you are an artist, or sure... I'll check your work?

I meant sure check my work-as for being an artist-am ok there is still a lot to learn.
Thanks for stopping by :)

I see :-) There is always something to learn, for all of us. For me as an artist, it has always been important to be curious and eager to improve :-)

Your work is skilled and beautiful!

Thank you so much :)

Why only red? Isn't boring only red shoes? Try some Viridian ;), or Turmaline Green. But it depends on the tones of the entire composition. :)

Hehehe... guys like red shoes I guess ;-) I do like other colors for shoes too... right now yellow is a big favorite. Green tones are great as well, but the water will be anywhere between turquoise and translucent cyan, so that way the shoes might not stand out enough.

You are absolutely right, it all depends on the rest of the colors :-)

Copper color shoes!

Thank you very much for your valued suggestion, I will definitely consider it :-)

Thank you for sharing my Athena :-)

Of course, she is beautiful.

Such a polished style. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Love the video "Mr. Woop Man: Piggy Hank Eats Too Much" on your blog! reminds me of the Czech animated series of my childhood days!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D Keep up the great work. Love seeing your stuff!

I'll try my best! Still need to look at a lot of your content...

This is so beautiful !

Thank you very much :-)

love this! The concept is excellent and you are most skilled, my friend. Keep up the good work.

Don't know how I could have missed your comment, sorry! Thank you very much for your kind compliments!! :-)

I love your work! Your Tarot card post was fantastic. I can't wait to see more!!

Thank you very much! I'm planing to post my Tarot cards on Fridays. Hope you will continue to enjoy it.

Tarot cards - waiting for those - whatever happened to the originals you had on display in your museum (part of the old cafe in Viechtach)

in storage right now... know of a place big enough to put them back up?

no, not really, I wish I did, they are magnificent! Viechtach lost a great tourist attraction!

Absolutely love it!

Thank you so much!

Super freaky and cool all at once!

fantastic work - and quite a lot of control! The paper bag reminds me of a long forgotten idea for a self portrait, with a paper bag over my head. At that time (my student days) I was briefly inspired by Chuck Close.

Thank you for your kind comment Otto! Big words from an accomplished draftsman! Chuck Close is awesome!!

Nice work ! Suggesting red shoes , or blue , Ahh i don't know ! :p

Thanks for liking it. Suggestion might be a bit hard to follow.. maybe onr red and one blue then ;-)

Golden :) old gold for shoes, with blue water, somehow they go with this paper shopping bag :) Since woman with golden shoes like to shop. Just my imagination, don't mind?

Excellent choice and explanation!

:) G. Klimt knew it all :)