Stickynote Challenge #016: LIZARDS and CARS : LAGARTIJAS y AUTOS

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Its time to mix things up again, this week we have two themes. All the animals seem popular, but for those who like more inanimate objects and just because I felt like drawing one, I have made this a double theme week. Choose one, both or mix them together if you feel like it (mechagodzilla anyone?)Get arty, get weird, get creative, get sticky!!

Es hora de mezclar cosas con dos temas. Los animales son populares, pero para aquellos que les gustan los objetos inanimados, es una semana de doble tema. Elegir, uno, ambos o mezclar juntos.obtener arty, ser creativo, obtener pegajoso!!


Use at least 1 sticky note (more than 1 is encouraged)
Make some art in relation to this weeks theme (Lizards or Cars) (drawing, origami, papercraft, paint, etc all acceptable)
Use the tag #stickyart so that I can find your entry
Multiple entries are allowed, but only one prize will be awarded per person
Competition runs for 7 days
Have fun (this is the most important rule)


Usar al menos uno nota adhesiva
hacer un poco de arte relacionado con el tema (lagartos o automóviles)
utilizar el tag #stickyart
la competencia dura 7 días
Que te diviertas


This week there's 5 SBD up for grabs.
If there are 10 or less total entries, I will divide up the prize evenly, if there are 11 or more total entries, I will pick a top 5 and distribute 1 SBD to each.


Premio de 5 SBD
Si hay menos de 10 entradas, 0.5 SBD cada una. Si hay más de 11 entradas, elegiré las 5 mejores y 1 SBD cada una.

eskie title.jpg


My demo art this week, one of my favorite little cars a 2 door mk1 Ford Escort and one of the most badass lizards on the planet, a Komodo Dragon. Looking forwards to another awesome art filled week.

Para mi demo de esta semana, un Ford Escort mk1 y un lagarto realmente genial, el Dragón de Komodo. Deseando otra semana llena de gran arte.

Upvotes and resteems always appreciated :)


Hola, Muy buenas noches... por acá dejo el enlace a mi publicación para este concurso, espero que le agrade.



hey, this my entry!
it was fun to draw this


Hola buenas noches, acá le dejo mi entrada espero que les guste.

This one is my entry to the contest


mini cooper.jpg

Saludos amigos! Aca mi entrada espero la disfruten mucho. Bendiciones a todos Suerte!

Interesante idea.

Muchas gracias por su comentario

Gran trabajo...

Great idea! I hope to get some time later to create an entry.

Me gusta!

Me gusta la idea!

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