Pacific Rim BotWash • Thrift Painting Digital Artwork #2

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Themistokles vonEckenbrecher.jpg

In our second installment of Art Education with Sci-Art, is this is a rare painting which came out in the far Future's Past. After battles with the Kaiju of the south seas, the Jaeger known as Green Reefer came into the lake and washed itself down. This is a rare robot from the Danish Isles and has been used for many victory battles.


Utsikt over Laerdalsoren, i Sognefjorden, 1901.jpg

Utsikt over Laerdalsoren, i Sognefjorden

Karl Paul Themistokles Von Eckenbrecher - 1901

Karl Paul Themistocles von Eckenbrecher (sometimes spelled Themistokles) was a German landscape and marine artist active in the late 19th and early 20 centuries. Born to a German Father and Italian mother while they were traveling in Athens, he he was largely schooled by private tutors as they traveled and moved often. The family eventually moved to Dussseldorf, where Von Eckenbrecher was able to study with noted professor of landscape painting Oswald Achenbach. He became fascinated with sailing ships, which would eventually become a recurring theme in his paintings.


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I love this season

Such a rad idea! I like to find old landscape paintings at the thrift shop. And hand paint ufo's on them, always a fun result ☺


Yea, this thrift concept always has some fun to it. Thanks man

This is painting is amazing.

But can I also just throw out there that there must be something intrinsic to the way German artists create waterscapes because the first thing the body of water in this work reminded me of was a Hitler that I wish, more than anything, was as appreciated by the Vienna Art School admissions directors as by me:


Important Note: I don’t like Hitler. I hate Hitler. If what you take away from this is “I can’t believe that guy likes Hitler,” then you are as wrong in your assessment about my assessment about Hitler as Hitler was about Hitler’s assessments about everything.

Wow.. This is great... Nice sci-art work👍👍