Yoga-inspired artwork

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The last time I drew something on my sketch pad was with this post right here. I was lucky that time coz it went on
"trending tab".

It's been 2 months since I got my hands dirty. Thanks to @visualneo he inspired me to draw again. :)

Since I've been doing yoga almost everyday, I decided to draw a Hamsa hand. 

It is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.   

Here's how I drew the Hamsa hand:

1.) I used a regular pencil that I got for free at the Marriot Hotel in San Diego. I drew the hand using my own fingers then shaped it like a lotus.

2.) I started to fill in the details of the Hamsa hand by drawing random stuff. Mostly it's nature-related.

3. Using a 0.4 Korean gel pen, I started shading the outer layer of the Hamsa hand.

4.) These are the Korean gel pens I used for this artwork. It's quite cheap, I got it for like $5.

5.) I started tracing the top part of the Hamsa hand. These greens are like Chinese cabbage. 

6.) The middle part is the CPU or the heart. Without love in your life, you have nothing. 

7.) These two leaves are like bird feathers, it symbolizes freedom.

8.) The eye. It protects us from evil material stuff.

9.) The final look. I hope you appreciate this piece. 😊

10.) I will doodle more often coz it makes me feel relaxed and learn more about myself. 

Thanks so much guys! Happy Monday! 😊

Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️

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OMG! Very clean and meaningful drawing. I just know now what is HAMSA. You're talented! Where can I buy this kinda' Korean ballpen?


Fully booked and National Bookstore. 😊


Manang yan mo??

nice work! upvote and follow you!
I invite you to visit my blog, it's also about my art!


cool! I will check it out. :)

Sabi ng haba illuminati ka eh.

Conspiracy confirmed.


illuminati like Bey 😝


ang dami mong comment! akala mo makakabawi ka sa pinagagawa mo! hahaha... MIA kalifa ka!

First time to read something about such hand. Looks nice for being colorful. :)

A Hamsa. Is that the same as ahimsa? ❤️ This is beautiful!


Ahimsa is the principle of nonviolence toward all living things. Hamsa hand is a protection for evil eyes. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you! ❤️

I felt your energy just by looking at this fantastic work of art. Yung mga kulay din nagrerepresenta sa iba ibang levels ng chakra. Salamat dito @pinaynomad


thank you for inspiring me to make it. :-)