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Updated and distributed!

Just about since the beginning of @papa-pepper on steemit, I've been shipping out free t-shirts to other steemians. I've been making shirts ever since I began to make shirts for some bands that I was in back in high school. For me, it is a fun way to not only create, but also to give gifts to others.


Now I've known what a revolutionary platform steemit is for a very long time now, but seven months ago, it hit me fully about the economic revolution that we are all taking part in. I wanted to not only get the idea out, but the word out too, so I made a limited edition t-shirt design to bless some other steemians with.

They wen't over very well, and the few steemians who actually received them really appreciated them. However, the design was a "limited edition."


Then, six months ago, I saw a guy with a "don't drink and post" shirt on, and I had to laugh. I decided to make an ever better shirt, featuring the "DON'T POST FOR FREE" quote. I've been sending some of these out periodically since then.

I sent some out with some of the STEEM Silver rounds that I was distributing too, like the one that @kus-knee received in the video above. I don't like shipping silver by itself, so everyone (I think) except @terrybrock, got a free t-shirt too.

It wasn't that I was picking on @terrybrock by not shipping him a t-shirt, I just take extra precaution when shipping abroad and he lives in the states.


For the updated version of the "DON'T POST FOR FREE" shirt, I used the "don't post for free" text and combined it with the basic style of the "WILL BLOG FOR CRYPTO" shirt. I've also been playing around with the colors a bit, where the "WILL BLOG FOR CRYPTO" shirts were all black on white.

I added a little arrow to look like a computer pointer, so it appears to be clicking on "" The shirts are a little wavy in some of the photos, but I think that the design looks nice and gets the idea across, or at least can spark an interest in steemit for people who have never heard of it.

I've been making a variety of other steemit shirts featuring the usernames of some other steemians too, but none of them knew about it ahead of time! Just my way to bless them with a surprise personalized gift. Here are a few recent ones, but I've got more to make.

Hopefully you guys like the look of them. Just like the Silver rounds, I can't send one to everyone, but I'm working to spread some of these around too, at least to who I can. Be blessed and STEEM on!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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This is so cool to make your own t-shirts!

It isn't spray paint is it??

Love it!

I've been making shirts ever since I began to make shirts

We love you papa-pepper!

I was curious to see your face, I saw it in your last picture haha. I hope you remember to send me a shirt

@pappa-pepper always getting it done!! Those t-shirts are awesome!!


Thank you! I'm glad you think so.

Damn... Those shirts looks awesome! - I love the three at the bottom. Ausbitbank's was insane!

Need one designed for hats! Make it happen @papa-pepper!

Hahaha art....??
Good jop..


I think so.


if you have time please visit to my blog

Hi @papa-pepper
Your post was nice.
I resteemed and UPVOTED your post.

thank you brother @papa-pepper, very good post, I like post brother.

Your creativity has been brought to limelight by those lovely T-Shirts. Thank you for sharing.

Yeahhhhh!, SO cool, men....nice t-shirts!

Wow thats amazing. Good work guys!

what post it was,free shart nice videos

Thanks again for the T-shirts you gave my wife and I. We are making you something special for christmas. Its at the north pole right now.

what a awesome design,,, i like this T-Shirt,,,, how can i collect one T-Shirt for me?

You are truly a giving person!
All you have done for not only the homesteading community but for steemit in general is not to be ignored. You have always gone above and beyond what most people would EVEN think about.

If I could high-five you... I would.

Blessings to you!


Thank you so much. I just do what I want I think I should, and people seem to enjoy it.

Great post and great merch !

Good post @papa-pepper succes always..

Very impressive indeed, again, nice job big boss, Cheer$;)


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Great designs on the merch, would love one but I'm from UK!

The southern one is worn with thanks.

aweosme, i want one ! lol

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That is fantastic! Love the new design! The red, blue, black and white combo of the first one really stands out, but the are all really cool. :D You ROCK! :D Have an awesome day! :D

so nice, desire to wear.

Nice Post Bro

Cool t-shirts, do you make them in 5xl?

good designer but i could not understand the message you are delivering