SpellWeaving (+process)

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Howdy, everyone!!
I've just completed another little illustration that I am eager to show you! The sketch for this one REALLY fought me, and I'll be showing all the different iterations of it in the process...you can see the struggle in my frustrated scribblings LOL
In the end though, the piece came out in a manner that I am happy with! The two characters depicted in it are from a webcomic I am working on with @seanbon called Woven! Here, they're depicted weaving a spell with threads taken from the Fabric of Reality.

Here's my process for this one!:











And here is the finalized piece!!:


It was nice to take a break from commissions to complete this little character piece :D
I hope you all enjoy this one!! <3



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Nice work Bees! It’s looks great. I know it had to be a real process getting this drawn. I guess that’s the life for us artists at times, constant editing. lol But at least it is a digital art piece. You can’t Ctrl-Z a traditional drawing. X3

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always picking and picking and picking apart our own work haha! It's true!!
Traditionally, if you don't make a bajillion different paper sketches of your painting before you commit it to the canvas with paint, there is no mercy U___U Traditional artist gotta have a lot of grit!

Thank you so much, Boss!

Exactly. lol That scary point of no return.

And you're welcome!

Great work, i love details :)

thanks, Boss! :D

Mmmmmmm, I love this piece (´꒳`) <333 !
Can't wait to start posting the comic again~


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Amazing work of art, @painted-bees! Keep up with the good work!

I'd like to invite you to participate in my Art Curation Initiative #5

thank you so much!!

Ohhh what an interesting couple. I wonder why the girl is ready to strike while the guy looks quite chill at the background. I hope he's not afraid to do some work himself and doesn't depend too much on his partner XD.
The pose is great and I like how you made the clothes. My favourite part is the fingers though, they're pretty expressive <3.

Hehe the gent is something of a seasoned veteran at this, with the lass being his young, spitfire "apprentice", if you will...
I am so glad you like it!! I do enjoy drawin' me some expressive hands <3!

Hey @painted-bees, it didn't look frus at all from your sketched but it look professional. Is this some character in comic or you draw it base on your fantasy idea? It look beautiful and i love it very much.

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These are characters from a comic I am working on with @seanbon called Woven! :D

I am so happy to hear you like it and that my hairpulling and teeth grinding doesn't affect the results <3 thank you so much!!

That‘s great you work together with @seanbon. He is one of my favourite comic artist. hehe i could imagine your hairpulling and teeth grinding while you draw this.

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Love this, bees! The step by step is amazing and I love how you colour so much <3 The poses are really well drawn, too <3 You make such gorgeous arts, bees * ___ * SUCH GORGEOUS ARTS * __ *

Thank you so much, Boss!!

Awesome job! These are really nice character and so well detailed. I love your work...!

Thank you so kindly!! It means a lot! <3

I love seeing the process you take in this illustration! It's really cool of how it starts off messy but becomes more and more refined towards the end. Always amazing work!