Muddy footprints

in #art3 years ago (edited)

My last post, Kicking up leaves, reminded me about some unusual woodland inspired collagraph prints I made.

A collagraph plate is made using collage materials glued on to a board. This collagraph plate is made from cardboard, with a raised card footprint. I have glued on actual leaves for the background. I used paints and printing inks to print on to A3 paper.

What do you think of the prints?

I created multiple prints from the same collagraph plate, adjusting the colours and sometimes adding water to the paper. I even worked over the top of a couple of the prints with pen.

Does it make you think of muddy footprints on a woodland path?

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It makes me think of CSI-Steem

What crime do the footprints lead to I wonder?

Only your art will tell us @opheliafu:)

I REALLY like this print. This is another one of your interesting techniques. Thank you for sharing @opheliafu. When I saw you walking in those boots, I almost thought it was me. I seem to take photos and videos like that too--and I think we have the same boots!

Lovely polka dot wellies!

Oh, you call them wellies? Cute name. We call them something boring like rain boots.

Looks like a fun walk from hither to yonder ;)

and back again!

Fantastic! Very original @opheliafu!

Thank you, great work today too!

I think they're great! :D
They'd look especially good on my wall. Thanks for sharing :D

All you need is a pair of muddy wellies and you too can have footprints on your wall!

@opheliafu I have the same rainboots :D

Then you have excellent taste!

@opheliafu thanks that makes us 2? :D

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