Kicking up leaves

in photography •  3 years ago 

We went for a walk in the woods this weekend. It was very cold but also very muddy. I think we brought a lot of the mud back home in the car with us!

It was a great opportunity to get the camera out and take a few photos for my inspiration board. I love the vivid green of the moss at this time of year against the fallen leaves and pine needles. That beautiful green moss is a reminder of resilient life, a contrast against the brown dead leaves on the forest floor.

The pine trees here are so tall, a little too tall for a Christmas tree I think!

We collect a couple of the pine cones and fallen green needles from the floor to take home. The smell is a wonderful reminder of the forest and makes me think of Christmas too.

One last kick around in those leaves before heading home!

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Nice post

Thank you!

If you have an actual video of this uploaded to either Vimeo or Youtube, it would be perfect for this project.

This video project is still in my mind. I've gone through all my art clips- I made a small video of the major ones. But I still can't decide.

I was going to jump on here with @winstonwolfe and say submit the polka dotted boots! It's perfect

I'm going to post my mash up of video clips and ask for help to decide. I'm only posting about 3rd of the videos I have made but it's still a struggle. Probably tomorrow I'll post.

Do a walk in contact with nature is very good to renobar energy, congratulations on the choice of ride.
We have pictures, thanks for sharing, lady @opheliafu

It helps inspire me for painting, expect to see some woodland inspired work soon!

fina och trevligt

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Walks are a great inspiration for creativity... You'll sometimes come up with the best subject matter for artistry:)

Exactly, there is only so much inspiration you can get from inside the four walls of your room.

Looks a lovely place to take a walk, very peaceful :)

I love going for walks in the woods. We are so fortunate in the UK to have such beautiful woodlands.

We do have some beautiful places :)

Very nice. I'm so jealous. We have already several inches of snow accumulation where I am. It's pretty, but cold. :)

I do like the snow, as long as I don't need to travel.

Wow! you have a nice weather and views!

we already have winter there.

Sunny but cold day on sunday. Today is foggy here.

very beautiful and peaceful place @opheliafu . we have a lot of snow now, it is also very pleasant to walk around, but sometimes very cold :)

I like the quiet that the snow brings on a winter's morning walk. Everything slightly muffled.