[BeyondBitcoin Contest] Blocktrades Logo Challenge #1 | 500 beyondbits (200$BD in Rewards!)

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Blocktrades Logo Challenge (Impress @blocktrades!)

Though I love the blocktrades service, I've always personally thought that it deserved a logo that really captures the essence of how cutting edge and fast it is. Of course it is nothing really against the current logo as much as that the crypto space is full of logos that look like they were designed to really appeal to a generation used to images and logos that capture the imagination on a level that is hard to describe. For this reason, it is the goal of this post to Call to Action all Artists to help design new and (potentially improved) Logo Concepts!

Blocktrades logo has been chosen for a Logo Competition!

Of course many platforms offer the capability to pay for others to make a number of logos, but where is the fun in that when there is a platform where I can leverage cryptocurrency and a community of cryptocurrency lovers..?

This is even more true when the people who wish to join in the fun are also people who will accept my own Proto-SMT token, the Beyondbit, in return for their efforts! I look forward to seeing more!

Logo Contest Instructions:

Entries must be 1000 px x 1000 px square
Entries must be in .png/.jpg format with a clear background
Entries must include the bitshares logo
Entries must visually capture the essence of Blocktrades' Service
Entries must include screenshots showing the process of creation (to verify uniqueness)

Prizes for first 2 rounds are:

1st prize: 250 beyondbits
2nd prize: 150 beyondbits
3rd prize: 100 beyondbits

Prizes for the final round are:

1st prize: 500 whaleshares
2nd prize: 300 whaleshares
3rd prize: 200 whaleshares

To enter, upvote and resteem this post and post your entry in the comments. Each user can submit up to Three Unique Entries per round. The winner for each round will be chosen one week after initial post. Happy steeming!

Winners will be Chosen after Post Payout!

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Here is my entry, I made a post about it cause it was going to be kinda long comment.

Here is the link https://steemit.com/blocktrades/@fivefiveeleven/blocktrades-logo-design-contest

And here is a preview

hope you like it and feel free to comment in other to help with a better design.

Great work! I think you have a very good one!

Thanks a lot man, glad you like it :)

This is my submission :)
I decided to focus on the speed of Blocktrades and also I wanted to make it look more modern and clean as well as professional. Below are my different designs submissions.
new new.1799.jpg
new new.1797.jpg
I didn't want to change much from the original idea of a block and than the main focus being the bitshares logo. Instead I focused more on the proportions and the texture.
new new.1799.jpg
new new.1797.jpg
The texture I believe is very modern looking and reflects the fast speed of using Blocktrades. I also made one other design as seen below with just normal blue color which I also think looks okay.
new new.1799.jpg
new new.1797.jpg
Below are some pictures of the process and proof of work.
new new.1799.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 14.58.42.png
new new.1799.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 14.58.53.png
new new.1799.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 14.59.20.png
new new.1799.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 14.59.54.png
new new.1799.jpg
Overall i think the original logo is good,but it does need an update. Hopefully one of these designs can be a good option :)

Love at first sight. I have been using it for a few years already so i am very used to its interface. Do you also use Rhino?

No not at all but it looks temping. I just used Sketch.

I really like this...
Keeps to the original design but gives it flare. :)

Thank you very much ! I figured keeping the core of the original design could be good as people are used to it already. Just needed to give it some flare as you say :)

Effin awesome how those b's are connected!


First Three Logo Blocktrades Logo Compositions

What a cool contest! Blocktrades is a super awesome service and deserves a great logo. I got a lil' excited about this contest-- and already completed a ton of designs.
Keeping the rules in mind, here's only my first three designs:

Number One: This appropriates aspects of the forms in the Bitshares logo, compositing it for the b,o,c,d. Included natural 'block' divisions of the Bitshares logo and the words block and trade. It illustrates movement in a playful way.

Number Two: This is abstracting aspects of the Bitshares logo and adding a wave coming up from the right. This shows movement and the power and volume of the service. Used a modern/retro-styled font to show innovation.

Number Three: This is a simple logo furthering the abstraction of the Bitshares logo as part of the design. It's a partial element as it doesn't need to be fully there for insiders to see the reference. For the new user--they'll see the keystones shapes as a 'blocks' which is integral to the structure. Stability and consistency are important to the cryptocoin domain.

Screenshot (100).png
Working artwork screenshot of these first three logo compositions.

Number 1 my favorite!

i like it too from a stylistic perspective. I am looking a bit more for it to keep a similar idea and represent blocktrades service. good work though! you definitely have skills!

Here is my first submission, I wanted them to have something that would be useable everywhere so no 3D just simple a vector graphic that coincides with there original to make the change a little less hard to make.

image of logo

As you can see the logo matches perfectly with the bit shares logo and could be part of the same branded family.

Here is a "proof of work" screen shot
image of POW

Comments are welcome, if you hate it or love it, you know what to do.
Thanks Guys!

Hi @officialfuzzy! Thank you so much for the opportunity, here's my entry with both the files and the creative process included.


And here's a preview!

The idea behind my design was to somehow blend the Bitshares logo with the trading service Blocktrades offers and the well-known ups and downs most cryptocurrencies experience, which consequently favors said tradings.

Hope you like it, feedback is always welcomed

Here's mine, a simple logo for @blocktrades





I like this, it's clean and professional looking, but maybe you should add an "s"

It's blocktrades not blocktrade..

(Yeah, I know it's the same comment, just hoping cheetah won't flag me for it...)

Sorry! I forgot "S" /O\ Please don't forget to upvote too :D

A 100% upvote from me is only about 0.01 SBD. You'd probably rather want an upvote from fuzzy or from blocktrades himself..

When looking at all the other designs, it seems they all think that blocktrades is a bitshares thing, or at least it seems to me they use the bitshares logo as a starting point. But from what I've understood, blocktrades is independent and functions as a bridge between crypto-currencies (or even fiat-locked crypto-currencies, like USD Tether and BitEUR).

So yours looks like the most generic logo of them all, which might be good!

Oh well, what do I know? Here's an upvote.

I have one more idea. It will be the last one. Thanks for your comments.


Hello @officialfuzzy.
Please see below my second entry into the contest.
Hope that you like it.

Animated gif of drawing process

I have created a post detailing the process, as the comment may become too long.

Thanks and have a great day!

I tried to be simple and capture blocktrades lightning fast transaction speeds + the process of exchange through the gear like action inside the circle. Hope you like it

prof of work/originality

Color is optional.




I like this, it's clean and professional looking, but maybe you should add an "s"

It's blocktrades not blocktrade..

Too bad I have zero talent in this but resteemed and watching out for the best entries :)

This is my entry. A full description of the design please see my post. The full size 1000 px square .png is in in my post, or I can send it on request.


Basically I used turned the blocks into diamond shapes and used them to create an illusion of arrow in motion to represent speed. Below is a screen shot, many more in my post if anyone would like to see.


Thanks, I had fun with this.


You have an awesome work done
check my new post



First of all I would like to thank @officialfuzzy for making this contest, and given the opportunity to participate in preparing the logo for @blocktrades, So a photography artist and graphic designer, I really want to design a logo on this one.

In the design this time I tried to make a box and disampinnya no logo @blocktades, I try to add a little bayngan, because I think this is in accordance with the logo @blocktrades, there is a box and portray the logo, the meaning of the box to save power SBD and power STEEM,

Here is an edit view> citation:







Here is my submission for the Blocktrades logo challenge. I just find out about it today so here is my first design. Thank you to @officialfuzzy to organize this logo challenge. I use 3 programs to make this design one vector program to draw the shapes of the existing logos, one 3D program to create the scene and an animation and compositing program to bring the energy effects. I do have to render the all thing on a grey background as on a white one the energy beam will not render properly (the best was to render it on black). The energy lines represent the speed of the transactions.

Image 1
blocktrades logo_2C.png

Image 2
blocktrades logo_3C.png

Importing the vector SVG in the 3D program and extrude the shape

View of the 3D objects


here is my entry for the logo




Click the first image for my postlink thank you!

New Entry. link https://steemit.com/blocktrades/@podanrj/logoart-blocktrades-logo-design-contest-entry-3

Results For Blocktrades Logo

blocktrades 1.png

blocktrades 2.png

blocktrades 3.png

blocktrades 4.png

blocktrades 5.png

blocktrades 6.png

Screenshots of Logo Work

blocktrades screenshot.png

blocktrades screenshot II.png

Entry #2 For Blocktrades Logo - Contest

process of making a logo


First of all I would like to thank @officialfuzzy for making this contest, and given the opportunity to participate in preparing the logo for @blocktrades, so a graphic designer, I really want to design a logo on this one.

Here is an edit view> citation:

I'm a graphic designer working in branding since a couple of years, I've been helping with some designs to the steemit poker league, some banners and merchandise for them. I'd love to design a couple of logos to see if you like them, thanks for this opportunity you guys rock!

outstanding contest. I am very happy to be able to edit the logo and good luck mister @officialfuzzy

Not a logo designer myself but I will resteem for someone in my list who can find the information useful.

Here is my first entry.

Hello @officialfuzzy
This is my third entry.
Hope that you like it.

The 'b' symbolizes "BlockTrades".

I used the bitshares logo to build up the letter 'b'.
However, if you look closely, you will see that the letter 'b' is made up of blocks showing the progression of the bitshares logo forming.

I have created a post to explain the design in more detail
Thanks and have a great day!

You know fuzzy, I was waiting for your official contest for so long!! 😃

My entries

This is my base entry:

And then it's variation:

And another variation:


Here B and T represent blocktrades. Also B has been designed to look like the logo of Bitshares, which was a mandatory condition of this contest. I have used blocks to build B and T, to emphasize on blocks. And then the arrows signify trade between B and T. B and T can also be seen as the blocktrades site and the user, which are exchanging their assets. Since the main logo contains $ and Bitcoin sign, I have used them in the 2 variations of the base entry.

I have used MS-PowerPoint and online pixlr editor to create these logos. Here are some screenshots to prove the originality of my work. 

I had some more entries in mind like a B having multiple arms and holding multiple coins or a B juggling many coins, but then didn't work on them as they would have looked very weird. But feel free to use those ideas, if anyone wants to!!!

Thanking You


My full post is here: https://steemit.com/beyondbit/@siddartha/blocktrades-logo-challenge-entry-of-me

wow... how many hours before you finish this? lot of stroke!

I finish within 2 hours, because the process is very complicated

here is my second entry
the black edition...





here is my post link
my second entry

Here is my entry, hope you like it guys!
Banner Steemit naranja # 2 png.png

Blocktrades Logo png.png
Banner Steemit naranja # 2 png.png
In my post are all the screenshots, so you can see the process there!

Oh yeah,,,I can do that

very nice post in this site

This one is fantastic news about the competition.
pretty awesome to work here
but i know someone who will definitely win this competition.
haha, love to share with him, so that he can start his own work.
Even i will try to make something different, although i don't know how to make logos.
i will give my best. even i know that i can't win because of my less creativity.

bring them onboard then!

i can do that

I would love to join but my artistic talents are not worth mentioning.

Only one way to improve them!

Here is the third picture for the blocktrades logo challenge. Bitshare logo in 3D and beam of energy made in a compositing software.

Image 3

Bitshare 3D logo

Adding beam of energy (or light) in the compositing software

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Hi Fuzzy,

2 days ago I heard that Bitshares would be delisted from Bittrex. I don't have much of them, and I'm rather new at the whole crypto game, but still I wanted to know more about it. Found and joined a telegram group yesterday, joined a YouTube live session that you participated in, created a BTS wallet, moved my BTS to the DEX and found you here.

I'm very grateful for all the things I'm learning and everything you have contributed to that. So, without professional tools (just paint.net), here's me trying to contribute something to you:



(hi-res picture in the link post above)

Fuzzyvest? Is that you, Fuzzy? Or is it the powered-up cyborg version of you?

Your commented is already upvoted by randomwhale, but not randowhale... In what twilight zone have I stepped here...?

Lol. Who is this?

Meet me at Steemfest.

sorry man. I dont have a witness, give out most my votes on here in the form of beyondbits as a whale on here (not selling it for $300/day like I could), and pay what I earn on posts to build valuable things so I dont have funding to go to steemfest :/

Oh i get downvoted by Ned's puppet bernie sanders too almost forgot about that. :P

Keep doing what you're doing. I'm quite new in the whole crypto-space, just listened to @stan's interview on that radio podcast, where he compared bitcoin to a narrow bridge, bitshares to a superhighway and EOS to unlimited lanes on that highway.

Seems to me you're busy with the things that truly will define our future.

Its so exciting to be on the ground floor. I think most people don't realize how lucky we are to be a part of this as a community. Things of this magnitude are usually only available to the elite. If the power of the community could be harnessed the growth could be exponential.

Thanks for sharing ,

Upvoted !

By the way ,I started following you and I would appreciate your follow back too .
please visit my blog and vote me too

Wow! I wish I had a single artistic bone in my body so I could try my hand at this! Blocktrades would be amazing to get to design for! Such a big Honor it would be to design something that was chosen!

Love the idea. Maybe I'll doodle something just in case no one else else enters. Haha

I love your contest idea. Upvoted.

I also followed you. Please follow me back.

Learning post

wow! Let's see what I can do with "BT". First, I'll need a quick facts what bt wants to express like what do they want viewers to identify them with.

They are a service that lets you quickly send one token and have another sent to you on a different network. :)

So for instance, send bts and give a btc address. You will receive equivalent btc minus a small fee.

thanks. I'm probably out of time to design here. I do three logos and the client picks one and I design a little more from that for steem dollars.

Very good and interesting post.

Hey bro,how are you?.
please upvote me...

Let me see what I can come up with :) A question! The bitshares logo must be part of the logo or as a watermark?

Just amazing to see how many talented people we have on this platform. Very great entries, it will be difficult to pick the best. Great contest idea!

Very interesting, i will join 😀

Ok, I'm in, lets see what I can do!

Wow this is nice art

Very exciting and informative post shared followed . @officialfuzzy Wish you the best with all your future endeavors.

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