Inktober Day 9 - floral crown skull

in art •  6 months ago

I missed a day of drawing, back on the weekend, and assumed I’d make up for it fairly quickly, but it seems I’m getting ever more ambitious with my drawings, and I’m now 2 days behind instead of just one. LOL I suppose it’s for good reason, if I’m putting that much more time and effort into each piece. But I do still plan to catch up at some point. I may need to suck it up and do a few simpler pieces.

That said, I am happy with this drawing, even if it did eat up a little more time than I had originally anticipated. I sat down with my iPad, opened a blank square, started sketching, and out came this skully. I haven’t drawn a skull in some time, but once I got started things just sort of flowed. Floral crowns, skulls, candles, and antique candleholders are some of my favourite things, so it was a really enjoyable process. I bet there will be a few more skully appearances during my inktober escapades. Plus, with getting more and more into the inking process, I figured this would make a decent second entry to this round of trial by comics.


I started out with the “technical pencil” in a blue tone, for the sketch.

I find it the easiest on my eyes, easy to follow and cover later, when I do the black ink layer on top.

I used the “studio pen” to go over it and ink everything, and the eraser to bring back some white in overdrawn/filled areas.

This is what the two layers look like together:

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the studio pen when I first tried it on another drawing, but I definitely enjoyed using it for this particular style of crosshatch inking. I’ll be sure to keep it in mind as the month progresses, though I may need to get back to pen and paper if I want to finish things a little quicker. Haha

And click here if you’re interested in seeing my first TBC entry.

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It is a lovely ink art, Megan.
And you are doing very well dipping your toes in digital world, there are some parts of this drawing that remind me of traditional look as well :).                
Edit: Forgot to wish you luck on the contest ^_^.

Nice work!!!

It's really pretty, keep inking!