At Still Point - Abstract Paintings by American Artist Tamar Zinn

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I often look to ceramics as a basis for many of my thoughts. It helps that this is a craft that I'm currently pursuing so it's easier to translate this way of thinking through this medium, but I also think it's the subtlety of the material and the randomness of the glazing that plays a key part. The fire, or heat for that matter, causes unforeseeable transformations that are unique to that specific piece. This was my thinking when I saw this work by New York-based artist Tamar Zinn.

It seems like I've spent the whole weekend looking at work by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and others who have a taste for bright and vivid colours. So this series was a definite come down for me, and made me think about the mixture of colours that I would like to achieve at some point in my own work. It's interesting how she's able to create clear boundaries with her patterned painted sections, but then blur the lines by building up and sanding down layers of paint until she finds the right balance between activity and calm.

This mixture of colours is subtle but it requires you to become quite intimate with the piece to appreciate them. Anyway, this selection is from her series titled "At Still Point" which was exhibited last year. I reccomend viewing all her works on her website as they are very inspiring indeed. Enjoy.









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@johndykstra ! I love these white on whites.


Yeah these are beautiful

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