Abandoning Repetition - Works by Textile and Surface Designer Reeta Ek

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Today has been a day of bright colours for me! For some reason I've been attracted by them and have probably noticed that here on my Steemit wall. I've been thinking lately about how certain fields of design are really stuck in the past, and as a new designer it can be really hard mentally to step outside of the box and think differently from what's come before. When it comes to producing something that's physical, the complexities then become apparent as you're often having to go out of your way to produce something that's one of a kind. When I came across Finnish textile designer Reeta Ek her philosophy made sense to me and I really appreciated her insight in to the world of "mark" making.

Reeta, who recently graduated from the Aalto University School of Arts and Design, has focused on non-repeating elements in her textile design, looking at fabric as if they are a canvas. This is unusual in the world of textile design as most designers turn to repeating patterns. Not only is this easier to design but it's also easier to produce and means that companies have to spend less money on the production. But by flipping her mentality she has not only made her work more visible to the wider public it has also given her an individual style that is truly her own.

Some of these artworks here were part of a recent exhibit titled "Neighbours" that was constructed by Artek and she has since gone on to work with Marimekko, Lapuan Kankurit and Nanso. Here's a few of my favourites from her portfolio. Obviously these are a little flat, since they're being showcased in a digital format, but I can imagine on a piece of fabric these are quite beautiful and abstract. Enjoy.











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I am captivated. Thank you for posting all this beautiful art. Reeta has quite an eye for color and textural patterns. I hope to see more! ~Resteemed!!

Glad you liked it :) She is a talented artist ... Keep up the good work. Now following you :)

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