Here's a new portrait to celebrate newyears and a special message from Jon Snow!

in art •  19 days ago

Happy new year everyone.

Since it's the new year I felt drawing to kick off 2019. So while me and my missus watched the new film BirdBox. I painted a portrait of the always happy, always smiling Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

Jon's special message- Don't be like like Jon Snow.... Be sure to crack a smile, laugh and send out good vibes to everyone around for 2019!


Painted as always with Procreate on my iPad :)
Which means I've also made a little timelapse to share with you all.


That's me for today, Have an awesome 2019 everyone!!
Thanks for viewing.
Nick aka @niko3d

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Animation By @zord189


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You know nothing, John Snow.

he he Happy New Year!

My daughter recommended Birdbox. I haven't seen it yet. I'm really looking forward to digging into it when I have the time.


:) it's a tense film that's for sure, I enjoyed it. I think I first half for me was the most interesting. But good over all :)

Hi @niko3d, thank you for sharing your art of Jon Snow with us! I am always amazed when artists draw and paint so well digitally. I tried before and I feel it is not easy to control the pressure. I love John Snow! Can't wait for the season to start. Oo and Birdbox was good. It gave a Blair Witch feel because of the unknowns. Happy new year!


It can take some getting used for people new to digital art, but I can say for sure using an Apple iPad with an apple pencil is hands down the best digital painting tool ever :) the pressure and tilt with accuracy is just perfect :)
The new GOT needs to start quicker I say :) Thanks for the comment too :)


Ah I have an old Apple iPad but no apple pencil yet. Will explore to get one :) I tried with my Yoga and it wasn't easy.
Oh I couldn't agree more! I was so disappointed when it did not start last year. We have waited loooooonnngggg for it to start again! :)


You will need an 2018 iPad or iPad pro to use the apple pencil however. So I've drawn Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow... feel like I should do another GOT inspired portrait :D


Oo 2018 ipad. Need to start saving some money :) Oh do you draw ladies? How about the dragon lady? :)

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Hehhehe not sure about smiling, but you certainly captured Mr Know Nothing with that art xD.
Happy new year, Nick, and congrats for the curie :).


Haha glad Mr Know Nothing is recognizable :) thanks and the curie was an awesome surprise :)

Wow this even gets me more excited for the final season. I'm glad after it is over they still have something from Westeros. I hope the prequel would live up to it. Happy New Year!


Gotta love GOT :-) can't wait for this season too. Thanks for the comment :)

We just started re-watching all of the Game of Thrones seasons from the beginning in anticipation of the new season. Though I think we may make it through well before April! That's a great piece of fan art. :)


Cheers I feel like I need a good catch up to remind me of everything :D glad you like this price :)

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Thank you for taking the time to curate my post and support my work :) proud to be curated by the the curie members.

Hello that is an amazing work!!!!i love the little video at the end that show all the steps. Happy new year:)


Thank you for the kind comment :)

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Happy New Year 2019 :D I cant wait until GoT comes back on tv :D It will be crazy !

Great portrait of Jon Snow :D The process gif is really neat <3


Me too, can't wait and I think they are feature length episodes tooo!! Thanks for the comment and support :-) got a second part of this coming for something the same but also a little different :D confusing yeah but all shall be clear soon.

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You sketched that? I thought it was a photo that you have taken somewhere and made a meme out of it. That only tells me your sketch looks really good like an original photo!

the always happy, always smiling Jon Snow

But he does not seem to be smiling on your sketch, is he? I think he is thinking deeply about the crumbling of The Wall and how to beat the White Walkers. 😊 I can't wait for the next season.

You know nothing, John Snow.

happy New Year. few days left for the premiere of game of thrones. a sketch very appropriate to what is coming. this is fabulous Jon would be proud ... by the way you liked bird box?