Monitor's Tears

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Greetings, my friends!

Today I brought you a new work that has been recently completed for a Vodka label, "Monitor's Tears". At first this was an illustration that I produced without clients' approval but once I have unveiled this, a number of kind friends and clientele really took to it and they have decided to publish this illustration as the branding! I am honoured and pleased.

I hope you will like this piece, as there are many details that have gone into this and I look forward to seeing your comments and feedback!

This is the sketch, and originally I called it "Tears" for we can see the plight of the character in the center of this illustration. She is closed in by various work and there are tears dropping from her eyes. The expression of her face is that of worry. Around her are many technology she cannot escape from! Signals and print-out papers dictate her world, she is typing anxiously.

With this step, I applied ink and flat shading. I give form to parts of the picture that are to be blocked away so they are not to disturb the viewer's attention. This also makes the eye settles better on the center of the canvas, and assists the definition of the details.

We also have a natural framing because of the blackness that now surrounded the woman's space.

And now we have continuation of the works through application of line art and pointillism. There are lights coming out of the monitors, which circle her fully, so I leave the screens mostly clean of shading and I applied emphasis on the chair, desk, scarf and hair of the woman. This gives a finished and detailed look to the picture. The large planet at the back is filled with squared of gradations of dots, which create a spherical finish.

I present to you now, the view of this work done as an overview video, to establish a good appreciation of scale and details that I have put into this work.

Friends, thank you very much for your support, as always. As an artist, it sometimes is difficult to be a people person, but I am trying my best.


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Dammit, all my talking points for this post were literally talked about... within the post itself! So bravo on actually describing to us what is literally happening around her (as if we took Cartoon Zainy Surrealism and then wacked it upon the Earth again). I can sense her distress, the fingers hunched over with the hands, tears pouring down over a slew of things (albeit this is sensory overload even for an "average" person), claustrophobia-inducing and an organized chaos all around her. One can just see the lines not only as shadow-depth work but also all the wrinkles, stresses, overwhelms and tear-induced moments she had to and still face to this day. Hell we get a slew of technology (Desktop and monitors of a clunky style to newer fashioned ones), the noise of an antenna, clutter of literal data and the orbit of artificial satellites above. All of these trapping her yet alienating her even from within the space as it does alienate her from outside the space.

If there's one thing else I have to mention is the fact that upon the "finished" art piece, we get to see the Earth (grid-lined of course, why not) and the only continent perceivable is Africa. Whether that was a subtle referencing to the ore extraction mines set up by Silicon Valley (reported to be the most exploitative), a mere choice since Africa is the biggest landmass by far or something to make Earth look distinguishable to any ol other spheres, I wouldn't have a clue other than the technology that swarms her. In fact, which looking back at it again, I just noitced one of the monitors are on fire and the mouse looks like a momento mori (or a sign of death in an art work); just thought of pointing them out other than that fax machine over there basically printing out what would stereotypically be a sign of legislation - yet more likely a contract or data to run down.

When I first saw it, I thought I was it was a great reference to those comic strips (or even propaganda pieces) that basically critiqued the contemporary workplace situation as set up by NeoLiberalism and NeoConservatism. And mighty fine well that yer commentary and picture just proved a fine point (especially looking at the video and hearing the song of choice, both circling around the center of the picture and subject manner). Of course, I know (since this was introduced right away) that it was for a Vodka label, but I wonder what "Vodka" (lest somehow a translation error here) has this complex artistry slapped unto it. (Or maybe there's a comic named such, I dunno :p) Would've, if technology of today was there all those decades back, be a massive poster of critique by cartoonists that despised the workplace office and how alienating it is to a worker for such. Good artistry and I hope this spreads like wildfire, also good job on the @curie~

So happy drawing and happy steeming!


I am very grateful to the curators for helping to show my work to many people and grateful to everyone who made their comments - very attentive, very friendly. I am very impressed with your commentary on my work. And I want to say a special thank you for this comment. In life and on the Internet - I am not a very talkative person, it is difficult for me to communicate with the help of words and therefore many of my drawings are complex. They show all those problems that worry me, which I ponder. Often my drawings are my means of communication with the world. Perhaps this is a joy for the psychiatrist :)) I am very pleased that this drawing is correctly understood by my viewers. As for vodka :)) people liked this picture but they asked to change it in order for it to be suitable for their company (it was not this picture that went to vodka but a modified one). I don’t really like to do it, but this concern has been paid for and this week I can buy products :))


Welcome for the comment! ~^^~
Thanks for giving us the chance to be psychiatrists :p and to totally pick at yah for how good the art piece was~

I must admit that I don't understand the connection between this piece and Vodka. But I might have misunderstood. Did the clients put this on the Vodka label?

The illustration itself is great! I can see myself there :) Sometimes when there is too much of the 'noise' in my head from all the electronics around me I feel the same.

Even though she doesn't have the ideal conditions, she keeps working hard - girl power! :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!


Customers asked to change the picture a little - so that it was suitable for their activities and then used as a label. They asked to change the facial expression, and instead use the headings of publications instead of space.


Final label looks terrific! (╯°0°)╯ But I kinda like better the first facial expression and the space context. Fantastic man!


Thank you for showing me the label! Now I understand :)

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Yo that is AWESOME! I love it! Great seeing the progress pictures too! Great work, keep it up... love your style!

Cool drawing as always!

That's a great illustration, bro. It perfectly depicts our reality as a prisoner of the world and how the human mind that was supposed to be a servant has become the master now.

Well drawn! The black background makes it look more prominent. Thanks for sharing and have a good day! :)

Wow, this is an excellent art piece, Nekro, and I'm so glad that though in the beginning you just drew this, your clients recognise the high quality of your art and made it into a Vodka label :D :D :D.
As always, I really like how you depicted your character. She is full of personality and I can clearly see that she's stressed out and unhappy, yet she is still hard at work. I guess it represents all of us who are stuck for years in the cubicles.
Congrats for your curie vote =).

Good on you for going ahead with it without the green light. Feeling like a slave to our work is something most can relate to but ironically it is taboo. I see the woman yearning for the escapism in an after-work drink. With humour, you managed to pass a message that would have been impossible otherwise, great job!

Now, this is what I call mind-blowing! The dark background enveloping the subject is just oppressing and humbling it makes it feel even more claustrophobic! This is a bleak representation of what our generation (and future ones possibly) may face in order to work and grind the day! This piece is really powerful I love it! Thank you for sharing!

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At first I thought she was carrying the globe on top of her head.
But when fully drawn it wasn't and it became more clear and much beauty in spite of tears.

I like it very much.
How did you come up with the idea or imagination of this kind of art?

hi @nekromarinist! poor girl, you're going through a bad moment for her! his desperate face I think is a mirror for many employees sitting all day at their desks and a mountain of things to do that never ends! I really enjoyed seeing the details you took care of in the video! Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us

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I have nothing to criticize. I really like this and how it shows the bad life of an office worker.

The globe and the curve of the "cubicle" help draw my eyes in and I am very impressed with her hands and fingers.

I can see why your client was happy with this work. She looks like she could use a drink!

Great job on the video too. Good music for it :)

What nice dramatic illustration. Like your crosshatching👍👏

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i like this piece a lot @nekromarinist... it tells a story that is true, and it does so with great artistic design!

Seeing your process is very helpful to me as I continue to learn more about designing and composition.

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That's quite an amazing composition! I love it how you darkened the sides to draw attention to the middle of the drawing. This is also a learning opportunity for me and I'm grateful to see the details from which I can learn of course. Excellent job, keep it up and congratulations for the curie upvote, it's a sigh n of recognition and it's also motivating.