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Dammit, all my talking points for this post were literally talked about... within the post itself! So bravo on actually describing to us what is literally happening around her (as if we took Cartoon Zainy Surrealism and then wacked it upon the Earth again). I can sense her distress, the fingers hunched over with the hands, tears pouring down over a slew of things (albeit this is sensory overload even for an "average" person), claustrophobia-inducing and an organized chaos all around her. One can just see the lines not only as shadow-depth work but also all the wrinkles, stresses, overwhelms and tear-induced moments she had to and still face to this day. Hell we get a slew of technology (Desktop and monitors of a clunky style to newer fashioned ones), the noise of an antenna, clutter of literal data and the orbit of artificial satellites above. All of these trapping her yet alienating her even from within the space as it does alienate her from outside the space.

If there's one thing else I have to mention is the fact that upon the "finished" art piece, we get to see the Earth (grid-lined of course, why not) and the only continent perceivable is Africa. Whether that was a subtle referencing to the ore extraction mines set up by Silicon Valley (reported to be the most exploitative), a mere choice since Africa is the biggest landmass by far or something to make Earth look distinguishable to any ol other spheres, I wouldn't have a clue other than the technology that swarms her. In fact, which looking back at it again, I just noitced one of the monitors are on fire and the mouse looks like a momento mori (or a sign of death in an art work); just thought of pointing them out other than that fax machine over there basically printing out what would stereotypically be a sign of legislation - yet more likely a contract or data to run down.

When I first saw it, I thought I was it was a great reference to those comic strips (or even propaganda pieces) that basically critiqued the contemporary workplace situation as set up by NeoLiberalism and NeoConservatism. And mighty fine well that yer commentary and picture just proved a fine point (especially looking at the video and hearing the song of choice, both circling around the center of the picture and subject manner). Of course, I know (since this was introduced right away) that it was for a Vodka label, but I wonder what "Vodka" (lest somehow a translation error here) has this complex artistry slapped unto it. (Or maybe there's a comic named such, I dunno :p) Would've, if technology of today was there all those decades back, be a massive poster of critique by cartoonists that despised the workplace office and how alienating it is to a worker for such. Good artistry and I hope this spreads like wildfire, also good job on the @curie~

So happy drawing and happy steeming!

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I am very grateful to the curators for helping to show my work to many people and grateful to everyone who made their comments - very attentive, very friendly. I am very impressed with your commentary on my work. And I want to say a special thank you for this comment. In life and on the Internet - I am not a very talkative person, it is difficult for me to communicate with the help of words and therefore many of my drawings are complex. They show all those problems that worry me, which I ponder. Often my drawings are my means of communication with the world. Perhaps this is a joy for the psychiatrist :)) I am very pleased that this drawing is correctly understood by my viewers. As for vodka :)) people liked this picture but they asked to change it in order for it to be suitable for their company (it was not this picture that went to vodka but a modified one). I don’t really like to do it, but this concern has been paid for and this week I can buy products :))


Welcome for the comment! ~^^~
Thanks for giving us the chance to be psychiatrists :p and to totally pick at yah for how good the art piece was~