Studio Visit, Putting the Pieces Together

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IMG-0464 sf.jpeg

Hello Friends, I'd like to finish out this week with a few images showing some current work on the Pool House Mosaic project which is an Hawaiian landscape, loosely titled LŌKAHI, referring to the value of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. Harmony and unity, Connectedness to the Heaven, to the Earth, and All Life and All Relations. But I'm still considering Aloha and Mahalo too of course and the client will have a say as well.

Yesterday the hibiscus flowers were finally carved and with the exception of a few shells and a pelican, all of the wet clay is more or less complete.

IMG-0447 sf.jpeghibiscus flowers are quite large, 12-16" in diameter

Today I put the whole drawing together after it's been cut up, remeasured it and began placing finished tiles. I was especially pleased with this flower:

IMG-0458 sf.jpeg

And some nearby foliage:

IMG-0466 sf.jpeg

On the other side, some more plants with Calla Lilies, climbing Hibiscus and mountains in the distance:

IMG-0463 sf.jpeg

This phase of a project is always magical. After 576 hours of work (according to yesterday's count) I have been itching to see more of it together! As I put down sections, my heart is always fluttering with anticipation, nerves (does it work as well as I hoped?), and excitement.

There's much more to go, but I can see the end at this point and am ready! Have a beautiful weekend everyone and as always thank you for supporting my blog and my work, it makes my artist's life possible!

Some more posts about this project in case you would like to see some context:


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Stunning artistic shot @natureofbeing. Great and amazing post.
Nice content.

Thanks for sharing this post.

Have a wonderful day 💕


If you get free time,please have a look at my post. 🤗💙

It's a very nice art indeed
Better photography and publishing

It’s going to be stunning when your done


thanks @propane, I hope so! At this stage, I'm pretty nervous because there isn't time for a whole lot of re-doing, so I really do hope so!

Wow this mosaic you are just beginning and it looks incredible, fantastic work of art, I would like to have one so decorate my house and meditate watching the piece. I can not wait to see the finished work, greetings!


thanks @omart, actually it's nearly the end, and I've been working on it for about 7 months, but glad you like it.

Very lovely works so far, and quite exciting to put the pieces together :D. The hibiscuses are already looking good even before the colours, I’m actually curious which colours you will paint them with.



Thank you @scrawly, glad you like the hibiscus, I admit I do too and I'm not sure about the color except that they will likely be pale, but since the colors of these are a very important part of the piece I'm going to wait until nearly the end to be sure I get it right. Thanks for your support :-)

Your work always so nice to see 💗


thank you @hananan, really appreciate your support!

your work is fabulous ....if you made a video that would be more engaging


Hello @sajjadk, thanks for the feedback, sometimes I make a little video and sometimes not, but it's good to know what people like to see.

Beautiful as always. A giant masterpiece in the making!
Love the various shades of green to create a shadowing effect, and provide more depth and reality.
I want them all!


Thank you @osm0sis! Great to see your note here, I miss interacting with you!


😘 Sorry I haven't been so present lately. When life takes over...
I do really enjoy checking out your posts whenever I find the time though. Hope you are well.


I completely understand and it happens to all of us and is happening to me now! It's all I can do to pop in and offer a few votes.
Love to hear about how-what is taking over ....hope it's good stuff. xoox


Keep you posted on Discord, Ruth. xoxoxo

What a complicated and laborious work. The result is very beautiful!

This must be a magical phase, all your hard work coming together after picturing and sketching and cutting and glazing, oh my!

That flower is something to be more than particularly proud of; that blush of colour on its petals is really stunning. I cannot wait to see it all together.

A wonderful piece of art that is amazing in the process and will be brilliant in the final installation. Sending good chi and extra energy to you to get all that you have to get done with joy and speed :)


Ok you may have just made my day noticing my flower :-)) , it's my favorite part of the piece and made it with great care.

Thanks a million for the good juju, I NEED it desperately today! I decided to recut all the water since the glaze doesn't work as well as I'd imagined...groan. Your support, kindness and friendship means so much, thank you, can't wait to get our ideas rolling! xo


Keep it up, you will do it! And yes, great things ahead for sure! And your flower just amazing.

Such a delicious and exciting process. Must be so satisfying.


it IS satisfying although today I'm ready to tear my hair out, lol!!
Thanks so much for your kind words and support

Fascinating mosaic project! You are a true artist!