Announcing Winners to thegreatceramicsgiveaway #2!

in art •  7 months ago


Hello Friends, thank you for participating in the second of my ceramics giveaways! This time, was 2 sets of Porcelain Leaf plates lined with white gold trim and made from a Catalpa tree, see above.

Today’s drawing was assiduously overseen by Lucy, and the winners are……….


@meanmommy33 and @yahialababidi

I want to thank everyone who entered and those who spread the word in any way! The more people who enter, the more I can give away over the coming weeks.

As a winner, please message me on Steemitchat - my name there is Ruth Greenberg- or email at to let me know your mailing address please and I’ll send this to you in the next week.


No matter how busy I am, Steemit never feels like a chore, only something I yearn to have more time for! Life has ramped up to a level of intensity that I can hardly put words to while finishing up my mosaic mural project and preparing to move across the US yet I seem to need to find at least tiny bits of time for Steemit. Once again I see how much I appreciate this platform and all of you, THANK YOU!!

Stay tuned for a studio update and the next thegreatceramicsgiveaway coming soon and thanks again for your precious support, it means the world to me!


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Hah! Excited to see my name tossed out on f your bowl; Lucy brought me luck! Will message you with address. Thank you, for this lovely addition to our home 🤗


Most welcome!

I see that the whole process has been overseen by a benevolent judge 😂.
Nice one Ruth :).


Indeed lol :-))

Another great post!

I have invited you for the Minnow Booster whitelist which gives lots of benefits for quality authors, among which a higher upvote. You can read more about the MB white list on @minnowbooster or read this post.

If you have any questions you can come to the white list channel in the Minnow Booster discord.

@natureofbeing I'm exciting from your work hope one day I will be in your winner contest list.


Me too :-), next giveaway coming soon


Yes mame .I'll
By the your so sweet.ummmmah

Your work is so beautiful.


Thank you so much!

Congratulations to the winners and PUPPY! That's the best part, the dog well the best part is your AMAZING work, but also the dog :)


Lol, totally agree...she's so great :-))

Congratulations to the winners! I'll try to win one of your artworks before this run ends. =D


Yes, love for you to win also :-))xoxoox

What gorgeous pieces you're gifting. I like what you said about life being busy and appreciating Steem time. Life is ramped up with intensity on the homestead too sometimes, I feel you.

You're presence and generosity are inspiring! Thanks for being you.

Where are you moving to?


Hi @mountainjewel, thank you and just outside NY in CT

Congratulations to the winners! ✌️😊

I feel so SOOOO lucky !!!!!!
You cannot imagine how much positive energy I put to win those !!!! For my new place - best housewarming right from the States EVER !!!!! :D
Thank you deary !!!!! [officially on the blockchain now - I had to comment hehehe ;))) ]

These are very beautiful, such a lovely flow to the form. Congratulations to the winners!

Haha! I love it. The bowl, the names, the dog, above all else the fantastic art you make. Keep up this great work! Well done!

wowwww. I congratulate the winners :) they are porcelains with perfect design

Such gorgeous plates. Love the silver edges. And what a helper Lucy is. Such a cutey...I did not get to see as much of her at the meetup. Too busy goofing off and chatting. She looks like a grand helper indeed, and a mellow character as well.

So nice you can still do the Steemit thing, with all that is piled up on your being right now. Can't imagine doing the move and all the rest at the same time. Yowza. Keep your sanity as best you can, and it will all be done soon. Or later than soon, but soon enough. Nice you can still stay on here, that really helps, to interact and chat with friends. (As if I have a problem with that chatting thing...blah blah blah). Such fun connecting up though.

Great idea on the giveaways. I would partake, but my decor probably would not do your art justice. More of an Early American Clutter meets Poste-Modern Knockn'Crash. I can admire it from here, and appreciate your incredible skills. OK, maybe I will partake one of these times. I would love to have a N.O.B./ R.F. G. original. Well, Keep on Steemin' On and smiling as usual.


hahaha, early american cluuter meets post moden knock/crash!! your comments always make me laugh without fail, thank you for posting them!!

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It's been a long time. I hope you're doing well ^_^.


Hi @scrawly, yes it WAS such a long time to be away!! never expected it. Anyway trying to get back to it a bit at a time. thanks for your note :-))

Hey :) Can you please maybe delegate to me while you're away? (If not, maybe delegate to curie?) It would help very much :D
I hope you find time to come back to Steemit ^^
Have a great day!


Hi @kristyglas, I already delegate to curie :-))
I'm working my way back thankfully!!! thanks for your note


I just comment to those who have over 150sp charged at 100% for a longer time ^^
Glad to hear that! See you :D