A sleeping baby boy and his cat by watercolor

in art •  4 months ago

Continuing the theme of sleeping babies I drew a boy sleeping with his cat with similar poses 👶🦁. I referenced a photo taken by his happy mother 😊.


I haven't captured a video but took several photos of the process and sharing them here:









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Love to see this piece of art work. thank for sharing with us @natamurr

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You are talented and have 'captured' the peace of this baby sleeping.


Thank you! I really tried to make it like this)

So peaceful! A beautiful baby boy and his furry friend <3 Very lovely piece of artwork, @natamurr <3


Thank you so much!!! :)


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What a cool artwork, @natamurr! The baby is cute... but the kitty is so much cuter! :-)

I gave you a 100% upvote and I'll be following you! Спасибо большое!

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Love your drawing @natamurr 😍 amazingly beautiful.. I thought it was a photograph until I saw the process. Awesome and wish you continued success!

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Beautiful feelings!
Great job, my dear!
Steem on!

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This is amazing! I love how you've captured the softness of the moment, cat and child both. Cats seem to attach themselves to young children instinctively - and you've captured the bond perfectly. Great job!

I found you thanks to @el-nailul's entry into the Pay it Forward Curation contest this week. Keep up the great work!

What a spectacular watercolor @natamurr!! So sweet and very beautiful ... the painting and the captured moment!

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