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in art •  6 months ago  (edited)

6 month in the making, enjoy the process in 1 minute slideshow....

Tempera & Oil on canvas - 24" x 24"
Private Collection: GMY - China

the last layer was the longest when i looked more at my painting than painting it.

Enjoy the process

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Hi @nadversion56, i still remember your painting. unforgettable piece of amazing art. Thank you for the slide show.. 6months work into 1 mins show.. but it looks great. It show your 6 months progress although not detail.

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Thanks!!!! yes maybe i'll take some detail shot ....s

Beautifuly Nad!


Thanks Leo!!

Six months in the making ! A great achievement and a gorgeous piece of art <3 I congratulate you, @nadversion56 !!!


thank you so much!!

Congratulations Nad for your great achivement!!
Steem on!

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Thanks i will Steem on and up!!

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thanks for the support!!