Exhibition "Night Expeditions" Opening by Endija

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Working hard always pays off! I spent all my summer sketching, drawing, putting all my ideas together and bringing into life my imagination. Now, happier then ever I can proudly say my very first exhibition is open!


I called it "Night Expeditions". There is always a question about how and why it will be named. For me it came really easily. I knew where I am going with it and what i want to say.

My very first exhibition is open until 1st September in Riga Central library!
I am extremely happy and proud of myself that I did it!


For many people it may not be a huge step closer to dreams or a big milestone, but for me this is what I was working on my whole life. When I was little my big dream was to have exhibition in a library. Now, years later I have one! This!? Is just begging.

I started With Nothing. I ended up with exhibition, which some people call it just a "show" because it's not in art gallery. But. I loved books since I can remember. Always with a book was my mom so I am now. They tought me what is empathy and how it works, hustle and self expression. Oh, and yes, imagination. Without them, I have no idea where it all would go. I'm in my happy place, around art and books. All at once.


To make these art works and express them how I want and is in my head I was thinking about different moments in my life the past year and how it made me feel. Once I did that(actually to get exactly the way it was back then I was constantly thinking about it), and music helped a lot too. It's some way of a connection. And once I finished each drawing, I felt that stone from my heart was gone. Of course, not from all the things, because from some I will have scars forever. But. I felt free again. In my heart and mind.


Behind each piece is real story. Maybe title of it says something, but maybe not. Some of the people have became an artworks. (And no, not as portraits. Every art piece I made gives me the same feelings that each person gave to me.)You never know. Even for many people it can not be the same understanding about the work, but deep in my heart I know what it means to me. And that's the most important thing.
I never stopped dreaming and working hard. And never will. Patience is the key! At least, in my case.


Now You know the reason why I have been so silent last couple of months. With hope for your understanding, thank you for reading. I will post more of my exhibition this month and feedback I have got. And, of course, art works too with meaning behind them.

Thank you for being part of
my journey!
With love,


Endija you have talent :) Your drawing ability is so excellent. I appreciate :)
The sketch of Giraffe you holding looks amazing .... thank you and wish your success :D

Oh, my! Was not expecting this! Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate!! Thank you!

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@msendija1, This is a great result on the way to the dream! I congratulate you on this exhibition! You have done a lot of work and I understand very well what emotions you feel now :) . I wish you great success in the future and let these steps allow you to move on and on in Your work ! Good luck!!!

I can not explain how happy I am and reading something like this makes it even better! After reading so kind words my heart started to beat ten times faster! I can not thank you enough! Thank you!

I can see your dedication here, I am hoping to see your following posts. This post serves as an encouragement to me because I am a frustrated artist.

Oh nice to hear it and it is such a big compliment for me! All along the way I learned that do not think that much about the result but process and what you learn. It will help a lot! Thank you again!

I love when people don't give and keep fighting for their dreams. I wish you all the success you deserve for your hard work! Thus from what I see you have talent too:)

Thank you so much for your kind words! Means a lot to me!

Congratulations. You're definitely going somewhere, and there's more to achieve. Good luck and all the best!!

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!

What lovely words! I don't have much to add except bravo. When I hear stories like this my body starts getting chills and my heart starts playing as an excited kid that ate to much candies. It makes me proud to see that people really do fulfill their childhood dreams, and by sharing it with the world they are help others with their struggle to believe in themselves! Thank you, and let this exhibition be the great experience, and wind to your back to reach the best of yourself.

Oh, my! Thank you so, so much! Your words made me feel even more proud of myself and emotional. You have no idea how much all that you said means to me! I try to do what I love no matter what. So greatful for your words! Thank you from all my heart!

I truly enjoyed reading your post! It is very inspiring and everything I wrote to it is from the deepest point of my heart :) thank you for your support with my steemit too! Patiently waiting for the rest of your stories! :) and art! Ofc! :D

I am so happy for you...finally it payed off..good job

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

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