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Black's Beach San Diego

Dear Community,

I am sorry for my absence.
With life comes changes.
In December I ended a terrible lease with horrific property owners and management.

I now am in a new studio.
I had a few options but I ultimately decided to stay in the desert.
Very soon I am dropping off a painting to be hosted at a gallery in Palm Springs California.

March I will be fulfilling a grant to participate and make a work for Bequinox the Los Angeles regional burn.
My work is entitled "The Promised Land". The name is in reference to the acquisition of property in California City California that is now owned by the Los Angeles Legion of Arts. Owning the land allows a freedom and space that was not available with leased space.

Separately, I am preparing for a submission of 8 works to go to the ART Revolution Taipei in April.

Finally I am working on a final contract for representation and a series of shows in Asia.
Specifically China.

I will do my best to update this community and share in my efforts.

In the interim may I please share a collection of works not previously shared with this community.

For more works and social media links please visit

Thank You,
Patrick J. Moran

Pool Boy 2018

A whippet commission

psytribe Freakshow

Female Torso

Large Seated Female Nude


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thank you I added a follow.

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So nice to see you dropping by, Pat! :D I'm glad you are busy and doing a lot of work, specially with the Art exhibition in Taipei, and also later, China.

Very sorry to hear that you had bad property managers, though :(

I always love to see your posts, so I look forward to seeing more from you in the future :)

You drawings remind me something like Picasso. Is he the famous artist who you try to inspire yourself?

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Hello. Picasso was an artist that was part of the foundation in my drawing training. Very early on in my painting career I was very intimidated and burdened by the mastery Picasso exhibited.
As I matured I have felt I have departed from Picasso's work in painting. I have accepted that Picasso's work has an ugly, brutal, beauty to it.
My heart is not there. I have more of a sentimental quality to my work.
I have always had an animated or illustrative style to my work.
When working in pen and ink the influence of Picasso and Delacroix becomes more apparent.
I equate that to the abstraction and design that was pushed very hard on us students.
My professor had had his training arranged by Walt Disney.
Rico Le Brun, Diego Rivera and other masters trained him.
All of those influences went into my career.
My professor was responsible for the Clint Eastwood Westerns.
His drawings were very often the covers of the vhs tapes.
His drawings are also present in the Hall of Presidents civil war depictions in the Disney Parks.

Thank you for your artistic presentation.
I can tel you that you are great and your knowledge is huge, even thank to you teacher.
Congratulations to both👍

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You are very versatile. Despite the differences in style between the works, they are all excellent!


Thank you for your comment. The works are of a selection from different periods of time. I think the consistency may be more apparent over a body of works. The torso drawing is from the late 90's. shows a greater overview.

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