Daily doodle - Moar glazing!

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Greetings 😃

After my first attempts at negative painting and multiple masking yesterday, I was determined to do better, so I made a few more attempts.

A simple rendition of an idea I've seen many times in many different ways - excited to paint this again later!

I thought large, easy shapes would make this exercise easier - in this attempt, I didn't achieve the contrast between foreground and background shapes that I was aiming for, so the background shapes are lost. I admit, I might have given up on this one too soon.

I used washi tape to mask off thinner rectangles to focus on controlling the water and pigment on my brush - In some areas, you can see my brush strokes as I frantically tried to paint around shapes.

Progress! Not perfect, but a promising end to today's practice

The first two doodles were painted on Aquabee watercolor paper, the second two on 6" x 6" Canson watercolor paper, using Da Vinci Artists' Watercolors and Silver Brush Black Velvet #6. Photos taken with my Pixel 2.

I've read and heard that cheap watercolor paper is more trouble than it's worth - however, I'm comfortable burning through my cheap watercolor paper with these kind of exercises to build my confidence before pulling out my more expensive watercolor paper.

What are your favorite supplies to use?

Until next time!

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