✨👩‍🎤 Kimbra - Wandering Limbs - Live - Sideshow Alley 🏙💙

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I love Kimbra! hahaha, she has a gorgeous face and her voice is sooo amazing and even better that she knows how to use it, so it was natural that I wanted to draw her... for a long time however I never came around it for some reason until now.

While watching some her videos, I picked her look in live version of "Wandering Limbs", very nice attire, which makes her look quite a classy musician, here is the video so you can watch it ;).

Technical Info:
Traditional Media on a B6 sized sketchbook
Mechanical Pencil HB, inkpens and Colour Markers.
Possible 2 hours can't remember well but it was all in one night.

Final Artwork 😁✨

Click to see in full size

Creative Commons - @melooo182


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