Portrait of a little girl in a winter hat and scarf

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Click on the picture and you can see the picture in a big size

I made a sketch of a little girl with a watercolor pencil.
This is a very convenient material for graphics - soft and gives a good shade, it's nice to work with. The format of the drawing is A3.

My original drawing is published for the first time.

References to my artwork published on the Steemit:
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Thank you )

Wow....Really nice

Thank you @ubongbassey )

Very nice and gentle sketch :)

Thank you @balabastic!

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Какие у вас пушистые штрихи : ) Давнишняя работа?

Это не штрихи - растушевка акварельным карандашом, да, не новая...

beautiful and lovely work, drawing from baby's face is harder than adults ,
also you made nice shadowing :)

Thank you for visiting me. The child's face is pleasant to draw, it radiates warmth and kindness.

<3 agree,,,,

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