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Hello everyone, two weeks ago I decided to start making fantastic beings. I was inspired by Zyabra creatures made by an artist from Ukraine. I loved the idea, so I prepared my own designs and start with modeling.


Here are the first two creatures I made. I used air dry clay and gemstones. Then I painted them with acrylic paint. I decided to gave them names, because every creature is original and has its own personality.

Marbuls is the name for all of them. I connected my first and last name and that is what came out of it. I will post more of them soon. But If you like this project, please go to check my fb page:


Thanks for watching!


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They look amazing both of them, cute and a little strange:) I think it will be a great project to continue as it will inspire you to make more complicated patterns and shapes. I am looking forward to see more surreal feline creatures:)


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These are so cute! I love the color scheme and over all design. Beautiful creatures. :)

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What gorgeous creatures! I love the gemstones and how you painted them! Are you planning on making more of these Marbuls?

These are gorgeous! Good job!

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Very psycadellic. Cool!

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