As we see the Venezuelans the streets of our country.

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Hello Greetings to all Steemiants and Artzonians. Today I want to talk a little more about the situation in Venezuela but this time with more photos to see and verify that what they say about Venezuela is not only lack of food, it is also that the areas of the country are very neglected and that comes more sick and even dead.

Today I will talk about various issues regarding the situation in Venezuela. Make a drawing for you entitled "Grandpa eating from the garbage" As it sounds his name comes out in the picture and the drawing, I hope you can appreciate it and feel the hunger suffered by Venezuelans every day.

IMG_20190423_094917.jpg4 (6).jpg

I present Mr. Jose, Whenever I can buy food for myself, I try to help people who really need help like him. Mr. Jose always thanks me and says hello because he knows that the situation we are going through is mutual, but as we help each other, we do it little by little. Today I saw the gentleman looking for me to eat in the trash and I just started to think if it is what I want for my daughter and me, or if that also touches us, look through the garbage to eat.

This is one of the most depressing things that I have seen and I want you to see it and also support Venezuelans like me or like the grandfather jose.


Parts of the drawing:

Part 1.

1 (6).jpg

Part 2.

2 (6).jpg

Part 3.

3 (6).jpg

Part 4.

4 (6).jpg

I hope you like the drawing, and that you can feel the sadness that I feel or that many people feel to see old Jose eat of the garbage, I help him when I can and need help. This is another case of the difficult situation that we present in Venezuela, Thank you very much.


This user is on our blacklist for Reincident Plagiarism and Reincident Mass DM Spam in discord, aka @chinotattooart

I think I also sent 1 STEEM to chinotattooart when he asked me the first time approx. a month ago. I believed him cause he made such sincere posts. 1 STEEM is really not much even if he lied.

How sure are you that he was / is lying?

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Yup I agree this is @chinotattooart.
I made the mistake of sending him steemdollars about a month ago and didnt even get a thank you.


Do you have proof that I am? I am not, he is a Venezuelan who may have ugly economic problems but I also have a bad situation.

@thehermitmonk - I think I also paid. Then the user went an gambled with it. I was testing whether there are ways to support the crisis and it turned out to be a mistake and since that incident, I have kept a blind eye towards the numerous Venezuelan DMs I get.


Yes, I think it's not an art concept, but it still is, it's very sad to see someone eating from the garbage, but I thought that drawing a picture of this would be more striking. I hope that to talk about.

True @marshallmustang. When we do a drawing of a situation, somehow the situation becomes more personalized and 'real' and then it talks to others in a different way. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Your drawing is really touching @marshallmustang 😢 even in a country like mine, thing like this also happens everyday, but I can feel you and the grandpa who seek for food from the garbage. It feels not fair while I shared some food recipes but in the other part of the world.. people will do anything to stay alive😭.. I wish that the situation in your country will be better soon.

Thanks for sharing your drawing with us.. I hope that one day, we will e joy the art in a different situation and you are making the right thing to document the life through art.


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hola amiga,imagino que no es mucho pero voy a mandar algo,suerte.

Its such a creative work

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Nice art :)