🎨 My painting - SEASCAPE - Acrylic on canvas. 🎨

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Still straggling with painting!
I start something and get stuck.
Feel frustrated most of the time. Lack of free time and proper space are other major problems and everything but inspiring or consoling. Have to wrap my mind around it.

Anyway, here is my second painting so far.

First time painting sea wave.

It's not perfect but I actually quite like it.

I made a mistake of not taking photos of the process, but that's because I was deep into painting, I guess.
Here are a few photos just to show what happened.

Started something, did not like it, painted it white all over again.

After a while came up with this.

Decided to stop right there.

I did this painting using the palette knife.

Here are some close-up details.

Link to my previous painting post you could find here.

Thank you for stopping by and have a beautiful day! ☺


Look at you all full of talent! Nice painting, I want to go swimming in those waves now. Learning something new is always frustrating, patience is a virtue and practice makes perfect.

I always wanted to learn how to paint and make paintings of some of my mountain pictures but I would probably just get mad and punch thru the canvas instead. 😂😂

Thank you very much for your kind & inspirational words @ladybug146!
My problem is that I used to paint before, and although I am self-taught I also sold some paintings as well,
but due to me going to work I hate I found myself with no time for painting and in 6 years did nothing at all. Now when I try to paint again I found I don't know how to do it anymore. The struggle is real. ;)

Really nice painting. A picture you can see differently with every look..

Thank you! ☺

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Thank you so much @art-venture! What a nice surprise!!! ♥♥♥

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