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Many of us know this relatively new trend of Contemporary Art. This, in my opinion, misnamed Art was born at the beginning of the 20th century, as a rebellion against the formalism of Art in those times, freeing artistic works from all rule and foundation. Basically saying that anything can be Art.

In my personal opinion as an amateur artist, I agree that anything can be Art, but I do not agree to attribute an Art to an artist that has not been created. Below I give my explanation on this opinion.

From the beginnings of this trend in 1910 to the present, Conceptualists have tried to break with all our artistic past as we know it, taking simple objects that we find on a daily basis and calling it Art with a philosophical adornment that supports that object. From Marcel Duchamp to the very famous Yoko Ono, they have wanted to call "work of art" such banal things as a urinal or music without lyrics or harmony, under the excuse that what it represents is a revolutionary idea. But if these people are such philosophical artists, why are they not aware that there is a branch of Art called "Declamation" among the 7 Fine Arts, which includes Literature and Theater as forms of Art, in which they can express all the philosophical concepts that come to mind. Unfortunately, in my opinion, take the easy way to take a simple male urinal, put it in a shop window and say that it represents the decline of man. eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpbSI6WyJcL2FydHdvcmtcL2ltYWdlRmlsZVwvbWFyY2VsX2R1Y2hhbXAuanBnIiwicmVzaXplLDUwMCJdfQ.hRuO2fDR1epuIrsBkobD-l3iI4xuB2bq6xubIPiQQyE.jpg

Why do I say it's a scam? Wouldn't you call it scam if you buy a ticket for a symphonic concert and all the musicians present are out of tune? Or if you go to a ballet play and in the theater tey give you cheerleaders dancing reggaeton? Would not you feel cheated?

Where is the beauty? Where is the technique? Where is the feeling that emanates from the work, which makes you contemplate it for hours without being able to look away? You can not find it And in my humble opinion, Art is Creation, Art is that work that a person creates with different tools and different forms, but essentially Art is life. The work must have a life of its own, apart from the intention, reason and purpose for which the artist made it, the work should make SOMETHING felt to the viewer without knowing its reason for being. Art is the expression of an artist and, in turn, the connection of that expression with those who admire it. It is that freedom that allows you to create, and that this creation has a life of its own, so as to have an exclusive and private bond with those who admire it. This is not found in Conceptual Art, to be able to admire this type of Art, you need to know its concept, its reason, because without it, it loses its value and its "art", without mentioning the fact that these artists are not creating anything , just an idea, and I will tell you my dear friends, an idea can be had by anyone.

"Anything can be Art" Yes, this is true. In my case, nature is one of my favorite forms of art, but I can not take a tree branch, put it in a showroom and attribute a work that I did not create, much less call myself an artist because of it.
In conclusion, I do not say that there is no good Conceptual Art, in fact I have found myself admiring one or another conceptual work for its ingenuity and beauty. But gentlemen, enough of such controversial fame, so much show, that does not nourish the artistic life of civilization at all.

If you agree (or not) with my opinion, just leave it on te comment section and we'll talk about it. Thank you for your atention and don't forget to follow and vote. Until next time!

P.S. Below I let you an -incredible- performance of Yoko Ono. Enjoy!

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