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I’ve been pretty down lately and in the I don’t want to talk about it funk followed by wishing to disappear into hiding somewhere, preferably under fluffy safety from the world and humans blanket. It happens. I still don’t want to talk about it. Deleted neglected failed attempts to word. Meanwhile, I have been speaking, but in a different language. What does it say? Oops! The translator must be broken, but my guess would be it is something quite dark and silly at the same time such as the seemingly grim, yet comforting mantra of nothing really matters.

Snap out of it! Ok. Here. Passes the sketch pads from underneath the blanket. I will go and learn how to bake some cookies now. The oat kind with raisins. Of course, with my mom’s help and recipe. They usually turn out super delicious. Mmm. Carbohydrates! Is not going to be the one eating the cookies. Seems like all we do here is learn, master, and fail. All-day, every day. Some days we share, some days we crawl back into our shells and sit there for a while clueless in the dark until it all makes sense and we crawl out again. That is what I do anyway.

All I am not even sure I want to share any of these or anything at all now or ever again silliness aside, here are a bunch of sketchy inks as I am trying to figure out shading and such. I still have no idea what I am doing, but despite my fucked up mood and lack of skills, I enjoyed working on them.

Progress takes time, patience, and persistence. Got to keep working, got to keep drawing! Besides, I recently found a bunch of old drawings and thought damn I used to be much more ballsy with my approach and experiments. I used to draw some surrealistic charcoal stuff too. Heh. Yeah. Then I stopped for years. Not a single doodle. Nothing. Because of doubt, because of frustration and comparison. The tiny voice of not good enough. Those are creeping there in the darkness now as well, but I will not go out without a fight this time around!

Anyways, time to cookie! ^^ Until next time!

Song of the day: The White Buffalo - Highwayman 

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these are incredible and precious! thank you for sharing and please please share more!

i wholeheartedly support any and all healthy cookie urges!

Aww! Thank you @torico! I guess I just have to shake the weird mood off somehow and yeah hopefully I will work on more stuff soon. Guess it comes in waves.

Cookies are the best and somehow every single time someone shows up with cookies or bakes them I hear oracle's from Matrix voice saying "Here, take a cookie. I promise by the time you're done eating it, you'll feel right as rain." :)

spacey onion-headed creature looks stunning! :)
Love the artwork notebook, some of them look so daaark. Love it. Try singing about it - or scream with your ink as loud as you can!

:) take care!

Ahaha onion-headed! I see it now that you said it xD I shall work on my spacesuit skills in future. Somehow they freak me out a little with all the weird hanging bits, seals and things. Would love to tackle it properly though. With a drawing underneath and paints.

Screaming inks sound fun actually!

Thank you @svemirac! I will :)

Song of the Grey:

- "Highway Star", Deep Purple

When I was younger and used to listen to mostly rock music I used to say my soul definitely has guitar strings if it makes sense. This one plays right in my soul! Great one :)

Don't let doubts take the overhand of you, these drawings are great!

Yea. Quite silly, right? Yet somehow it has been undergoing battle with those for a while. I can just hope that with time I will become better equipped to kick their ass.

Thank you @celestal! Appreciate it :)

Yea. Quite silly, right? Yet somehow it has been undergoing battle with those for a while.

It is part of the human experience, but I think it is comforting to know that everyone has a story of having to fight something. We are not alone.

I can just hope that with time I will become better equipped to kick their ass.

I'm sure you will <3

Wonderful sketches as always, dood. Hope you start feeling like the alpha chad you are soon. I've been in a depression/anti social funk the past week or two and I've been having a hard time getting out of it myself. Better get back to huffing paint out fo a sock, I guess.

Thanks, dood! Ahaha! My alpha chadness will get restored indeed soon. Got to work on it, because while the safety blanket is nice for a while, it doesn't really solve thingies, does it now?

Ah! Hope you somehow shake it off quick too! That nothing really matters thing actually serves me well in a weird twisted way. It is like when all shit hits the fan it is a nice reminder to just relax and maybe not take things so seriously.

The lemon is really good and the leaf shadow makes it. :)

I have no idea how to shadow, but yea, I hope with time and practice I will learn, because that is something my artwork things absolutely lack up until now mostly xD

Just pretend that you only ever have one very strong light source and you don't have to worry about gradients at all ;D

OMG MEI, these are gorgeous * ___ * I love these, very much * ___ *

I am sorry to hear that you've been in a funk :( I hope that life will bring great things to you soon to lift you back up on your feet <3

I think you are very expressive and there's a lot of depth and emotionality in these drawings... They are absolutely beautiful, and I love the ambiance in these, very much <3

Sending you internet hugs in case they would do anything at all to cheer you up :)

Thank you spidey! Thank you for being awesome spider of Steem and for caring! <3

I will do my best to battle that funk with all I got. Will try anyway.

Aww! And the hugs! I take those in all shapes and forms. That includes the internet ones! hugs

Love those scribblin' cross hatchings. Look quite sexy. Give a sense of mass... Black mass. Self motivation is hard. Some of us need to approach it like if it was daily hygiene. Y'know, like brush the teeth or take a shower... Nobody do that for us, and there's just a point in time when one cannot continue to not brush the teeth or take that bath. But these are really heavily expressive drawings! Just look at the hands of the astronaut, and the roundness of his/her helmet. And the style... reminds me of the textures from an animated movie of René Laloux called La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet). Awesome drawings.

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Like you said, progress takes time. Just need persistent and perseverance

Like you said, progress
Takes time. Just need persistent
And perseverance

                 - adedapo-glory

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

What I lack most is patience I guess, but sometimes we just got to accept that things move at certain speeds and learning skills take time.

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You are a legitimately great artist, and i hope you will continue to experiment with charcoal and a ton of other mediums :) You have a creative heart

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You're a great artist and I like this wonderful collections of wonderful creative pieces. I didn't even feel that its without colour and that proves that you have created something extraordinary. Nice work.

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Oh, just one more thing. When you explain it to me, just pretend I’m a German Shepherd, eerily smart dog, right? You just need to talk.... real..... slow. 😉Thank you @m31.

I dig that handle by the way, kinda makes me wish I would’ve shortened mine by about four characters.

amazing you art love it
Support sharing @artmaker