The Lost Ghost part 1 | Lires Artwork Process | Original Art

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tlg a.png

Hey guys! This will be a 2 part process where I'll also discuss about how I will animate my artwork. But first, I should create the artwork first. Although this time, since I'm planning to animate this one, the process will be a bit different than usual.

Before I begin, I would just like to suggest that you vote for @curie as witness here @curie has helped a lot of artist who's just starting here on steemit, just like me.

And also check out @smartsteem! I think they're onto something amazing for quality-post steemers!


Some great action poses given by the character owner.


Using SH Figuarts

I was finally able to buy one of these and was excited to use it! I bought a grey Body-kun and Body-chan on for CA$95 and CA$105, respectively. It came with a bunch of accessories like celphones, katanas, laptops, guns and more!

bod kun chn.png


So first I finalize a pose that I feel would fit perfectly on the scene that I'm thinking. Take a photo. Then sketch on top of it.

tlg ske a.png

For the background, I used SketchUp and then sketched on top of it in Manga Studio (MS).

tlg ske b.png


Since I'm going to animate this artwork, I ink the parts that I'm going to animate, separately.

tlg ink.png


I color them separately as well using MS.

tlg cel.png


I painted the BG in SAI.

tlg pnt.png

Final Product

Now the artwork is finished, I can now animate it! I'll do that on part 2. ^-^

tlg fin.png


Body-kun and Body-chan helped you a lot, but you have tremendous skills , nice work. How much time it takes ?

Thanks! It usually takes 4 days to finish something like this. But with Body-kun, I can do it in 3. :)

Cool work bro.. but it is a bit hard to see you are sort of selling out by buying the massive votes or is that just me? :/
I mean i understand its a great way to make some cash :O

Thanks man! If you mean by 'selling-out' that I'm trying to earn money from my posts, then you're correct! :D In fact, I made it clear on my introduction page that I'm here to earn money from my art. If I didn't then I'd just choose decline payout.

At the same time, I also get to share my techniques to others that are interested in our field. It's like a win-win!

Good thing you taught me how to use those voting bots. Thanks for that. :)

hahaha :D
Yeh its definitely a nice way to make some extra cash! :)
SOrry to stick my nose in.. it really is none of my business.
I love your work, wish it would receive such appreciation without the help of votebots :(
I think its deserved!

Keep rockin bro! Cheers!

lol Not a problem, beek! Your thoughts are worth listening to!

That'll be hard though. Since Steemit's trending section is kind of filled with spam and countless re-posts with huge payouts! The only way you can make a high-quality post stand out is by having a larger post payout.

I hope the dev team can do something about that in the future. :)

yeh i really do hope steemit gets their shit together -_-

awesome! i always wanted to have bodykun/chan but xD so expensive for me so i got a great app for similar works called magic poser :3
love the way u color =D newfanhere

Thanks! It's so hard for me to use that poser. xD

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great art work you are very good very talented stay focus you will make with this art up voted love it.

Thank you! :)

Part 1 was intriguing and I was looking forward to part 2. Lemme drop everything and give it my attention.

Oh cool! Those figures are looking good and would be a great help with drawing! I wish I had oneee

You could buy the chinese knock-offs if you'd really like to have one. :)

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