Which Way is Up? - Oil Painting

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Over the past couple of months I've felt a bit like this fellow, having to go along with the flow of things, while still keeping up with the necessary things, especially painting. This is the reason you haven't seen me around Steemit.

The positive of this is there is a backlog of new artwork to share with you all. =)

The title of the painting has also been appropriate for the crypto market. The start of this year left us wondering where it was all going. But since the end of Spring it's orientated itself to onwards and upwards. There is so much now happening in this space with the mainstream world now wanting to jump on the boat, Facebook Libra and various central banks talking to starting digital currencies to compete.

It looks like crypto is here to stay.

"Which Way is Up?", Leo Plaw,, 30 x 24cm, oil on canvas

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It certainly has been a while since we see you here, Leo! I hope things are good with you :)

Hearing that you've got a back log of new artworks to drop is like music to my ears! I will look forward to them, for sure :D

Crypto is up and down. BTC seems to be doing well, but Steem's at 20 cents today :3

Maybe 20 cents ends up being what the final value the market gives Steem. It was certainly over-inflated at the start.

Great painting and happy to here you're back with even more art. It has been a while indeed :)

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Cheers Sander! It seems there's been a few changes on Steemit since.

@leoplaw tu obra es espectacular. Lo importante es que estabas en una etapa de creación y eso para cualquier artista es maravilloso. Espero poder apreciar más pinturas tuyas. En relación a esta pintura me encanta la sensación que transmite el personaje, creo que en algunos momentos me he sentido así. Lamento no poder comentar en inglés pero no manejo con fluidez ese idioma. Saludos :)

Muchas gracias @noelis. Siento que no puedo escribir mucho español, por tanto tengo que usar a un traductor del sitio web. Pero me gustaría conocer más español. Saludos. =)

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Gorgeous painting! Wow.
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