Unforseen Dangers - oil painting

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I was intending to keep my Steemit artwork updates in order, but, I couldn't resist sharing my latest painting.

"Unforseen Dangers", Leo Plaw, 30 x 24cm, oil on canvas

Sometimes it is not what is hiding in the dark which is the threat, but what is in plain sight and often overlooked.

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The presence of the snake and the body language of the figure captured the title PERFECTLY * ___ *

Curated it for OCD external curations also, at Twitter :D :D :D

Thank you very/much/spider for the reshares here and on Twitter. =)

I don't mind if they're in order or out of order ;D

Plain sight is the best place to hide coz no one ever looks there, and apparently this guy wasn't expecting a snek D:

Ha ha, yes, plain sight is best. =)
Especially if there are snakes around.

Really good painting!!!!!!! WOW!!! :-D

Thank you Caroline!

I´m baffled. This looks incredible!

What is confusing?

not confusing. It´s astonishing

Extraordinary art, very very nice!

Thank you @shimozurdo!

Extraordinary! I love it. I also checked your website. You are very impressive Leo. Your artwork is beautiful.

Thank you Alejandra and for dropping by my website.

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@leoplaw es una pieza impresionante. Me debato entre el miedo y la vergüenza como emoción que dispara. Me alegra te decidieses mostrarla antes

Muchas gracias @joslud! Soy contento de oír que la pintura le hace hacer preguntas.


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Sometimes it is not what is hiding in the dark which is the threat, but what is in plain sight and often overlooked.

I stumbled upon the opposite also: What was beautiful was right in front of me but I walked by many times before I saw it.

Your paintings are very realistic. They make me uneasy, though. But's actually a compliment, yes? :)

Is it the poison of being threatened what the naked human feels?

I would like to know, if you can recommend a drawing/painting from you for my newest blog where I need an expression of a "dark force". Can you provide me with a motive of yours? So I can integrate it and put your name under it.

Have a nice evening in ... Österreich? Right?

Missed your work, Leo. Disturbing, arresting, powerful stuff!