art, we love art graphics paintings beautiful!

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Helloooo all steemians friends!

it seems like @leeuw wants to present the steem blockchain with some more graphic art work!

hence, @leeuw wants to reward postings, made by steemians on their own blog, which feature a original graphic artwork.

  • a photo of a self made painting or drawing

  • or a self-created computer graphic original enhanced or modified artistic imagery or a computer paint work.

to be eligible for a 5 steem reward from @leeuw’s wallet, you are invited to comment here below with a link to your own steemit posting of such art image.

all imagery or paint works should be of one’s own source with all rights reserved to the steemian self. imagine...for a moment... you are Rembrandt or.... Van Gogh!!

a short explanation of the artwork inside your posting would make sense.

@leeuw will select 5 images for a 5 STEEM reward each.

entry for this contest ends Monday 29 October 12:00 utc/gmt.

Note: there exist such tags like artisteem and artzone, please study the respective guidelines before using such specialized tags. i would initially maybe suggest more generic tags like art or painting

Picasso anyone?


I also want to take part but I am good at paper not digitally. I think I am late 😢

Brother @leeuw here is my entrance, I managed to do something in my spare time from work


If this contest is very good I think we can try it but I really do not draw but here I leave my ticket a little crazy

dibujo 3.jpg

This is my ticket to the contest I hope you like my friend @leeuw I did it with a lot of love and dedication .. !! Good luck for all of you..

Here is my entry to this great contest, I'm not very good with this art, but I hope you qualify! Thank you!

Hello friend, you made it difficult for me, since I'm not very good at drawing. But I will make an effort to participate!

Welcome friend that good that you are already active, to continue enjoying your excellent contests which you do with a lot of creativity, I hope to make a creative drawing. a big hug for you. @leeuw

Hello friend @leeuw I think this contest is great .. my drawing is almost ready, I do not know how to do it very well but I think something great I am inventing.

Enough time for no excuse, resteemed!

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Brother, how are you? How were these short vacations? you already appear with a new contest, it's a shame but you do not draw, I think I'm going to try

This is my ticket, I hope many of you cheer up, you have to try!

as to be expected from this unique steemit community that we are, the response to this art contest is very fun and @leeuw is super enjoying the funky art works being created even though most of us are no artists (yet). worthy of every STEEM that @leeuw puts in and of course much more if we discover a new 'Leonardo Da Vinci' 😮🤣😄!

Edit the comment, I hope you do not take out the red card 🤣😄!


Hello friend, this is my ticket to your interesting contest. 🧓🧓🧓😁😁😁🤣🤣

Hello friend @leeuw, is it valid, a painting on a flannel?

anything goes, friend!

Great, I think we should start drawing, although I do not do it very well

Friend can be of any subject? a cartoon? fruit or place?

anything you fancy!

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Friend @leeuw a pleasure to say hello, another exciting contest, now we have a job!