Hamburger tree!! :)

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Hello, how are you today I am going to present my artistic dubujo made on my computer using PAINT something old but I like it

This is my ticket to the @leeuw contest, I'm back with a great contest where we have to create something artistic and original

I do not use drawings and I do not have creativity but after a few hours I was able to do something by computer hahaha by hand I think it would have stayed worse

dibujo 3.jpg

I like food and nature so mix them both and my drawing is of a tree with special hamburgers of meat and vegetables where the river and waterfall is mustard and tomato sauce, I think I was hungry!

Also the sun is a huge special hamburger I think it inspires me in a movie, the chocolate factory because I think art, food and sweets do not make sense.

dibujo 1.jpg

dibujo 2.jpg

This tree has geometric figures like the stars and some luneas and curves and many colors

This is my artistic work and here are some of the steps

I think this will be a good season for hamburgers, there's a big crop here

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

very nice!! i like the story behind the painting, you sure like hamburgers, well done, thank you @yesslife!


If they are my favorites with a good garlic sauce with the texture of a mayonnaise, now it provokes a

Thank you very much @leeuw

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