Win 12000$ on steemit biggest Logo design contest by dim imp

in art •  8 months ago

Who is Mr. DIM IMP

@dimimp A famous artist on Steemit, I just spent his whole life in the love of art.Every month @dimimp runs a Steem Jet called project and pay artist for participate into Contest.One of my friend mr @shrazi has participate a Cartoon 3D story olivia and the super star and Won 1800 Steem worth 5000$ in just 15 days of hard work.

On every 1 page of Cartoon design you will earn 200$ is it just a huge money for such design,as comparison to freelancing sites like fiver just pay off only 5$ per cartoon design .@dimimp is not paying for any sack. He is just a art lover containing 200,000 Steem power into his account and supporting high quality creative graphic designers.

Recently @dimimp announced to write a cartoon picture story on olivia and the Super Star.

payed off 18000 liquid steem.

Latest Logo Contest

 We have 3 graphic design bounty competitions going on right now that end on June 30th. Any artist can win multiple times with multiple entries.Here is Graphic Design Contest 1 of 3 (TIME): 

participants are trying to approve their hard work and skills dead line is 30 June hurry up.

to participate into contest write a short note about your logo and tag @dimimp. @dimimp will have a look onto your hard work and will decide how much you should earn money for your hard work.This round will let the participants earn 12000$ in the form of liquid steem or upvotes.

Some Logo Examples by Participators

Logo shape and color will be in golden color But theme format is Steem Jet.So guys do not wait or think for long ,Lets do it right now 12000$ will be spreaded to selected participate.

                                                Wish you All The Best

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Thanks for sharing this to all of steemians,
Yes I earned here a lot, and whole community appreciates every artist
So Anyone Can participate here with their art

Wow! this is a great contest, Thanks for sharing man.

Wow really very big prize
A very distinctive article
I have to take part in the competition. I need this award very much

wow woww woww its a giant contest ever on steemit.


I fancy you to take on this and get something out of it.


yayyyyy clue me some idea :D


more that holds no interest to me as a artist - I will sit out and miss out - if you want to see my art I have some on my page

Nice post. Keep posting good content like this.

i have an question becouse i am not sure that i understand it.
1/3 ends 30th June
2/3 ends 30th June
and 3/3 will end 30th June too?
So we have several months to upload logos? It's so much time :O
i am talking about

Wow indeed! I almost think it's too good to be true! 😱

But lemme think of something then i will tag u once i've posted it.

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