Halloween: Spirits, dead lights, percussion, and festive atmosphere

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On the night of November 1, the streets of some cities and towns in the world, as well as some educational institutions and private concert venues, are being invaded by strange scenes of people in costumes and masks reminiscent of death and ghosts.
It is not uncommon for a car to stop next to you at the red signal and look at its driver, and when you look at it you will be horrified. If you believe in ghosts, you will feel that he is one of them, and he has just returned from the world of the dead, especially if this happened on a deserted street at night.
Parents are busy these days choosing the "Halloween" costume their son or daughter will wear at the school party or at a private party with friends.
Where did these rituals come from, which became familiar and adopted in different countries and cultures, including the Arab world?
Traditions and Beliefs: Darkness and Death

There is a widespread belief that the celebrations are due to ancient Chaldean traditions. The Celts are the group of peoples belonging to the western branch of the Indo-European peoples group, and their linguistic, archaeological and heritage extensions are Irish and Scottish, according to some historical theories.
Those celebrations were linked to harvests and harvest. The relationship between the agricultural seasons and rituals associated with the unknown and supernatural powers is common in history.
It is believed that the costumes currently used in Halloween celebrations resemble the popular costumes of the ancient Celtic peoples, which crowned the end of the agricultural seasons with those celebrations.
These past celebrations included "predicting the future" in terms of death, marriage and similar matters.
In another interpretation, the subject has a long relation to the so-called "Samhain", associated with the beginning of the cold and dark season (where the day is short and night long). According to the Chalti belief, the sun god is in the families of death and darkness on 31 October. On this night the spirits of the dead roam the kingdom, and try to return to the living world.
In Christianity, the subject is linked to different beliefs.
The night of Halloween is preceded by the day known in Christianity as "the feast of all saints". The word "saint" has a synonym for "Halomas", and there were similar celebrations in the three days preceding other Christian holidays, such as Easter, including prayer for the souls of those who departed recently.
Symbols of Halloween
In many cultures, Halloween has been associated with pumpkin fruits, perhaps the most important of which is the so-called pumpkin lamp.


Legend says that a young woman named Jack was lazy does not like to work, drunk and cut the road, all because of the whispers of the devil. But he was smart.
When Jack wanted to repent, Satan was enticed and persuaded to climb to the top of a tree. When the devil climbed to the top of the tree, Jack dug a crucifix into the trunk of the tree.
When Jack died, he was not allowed to enter paradise because of his works, and he found no place in Hell, but was sentenced to eternal displacement, and so that he would not rise in the darkness given the fire of Hell.
In subsequent Halloween celebrations inspired by Jack's story, the tribe was replaced by a carrot, then replaced by pumpkin. Thus the gourd lamp grew.
The gourd became a symbol of the later Halloween celebrations in North America.
Fashion Halloween
There are shapes and colors of Halloween costumes and masks that change across generations and follow the latest fashion trends, but revolve around the idea of death and ghosts in general.

In recent years, clothes and masks have begun to draw on Hollywood characters such as Batman and Spider-Man.
Young men and women try to innovate in surprising clothes, and they rarely feed them with romantic or sexual themes.
A manifestation of celebrations around the world
In Austria, they leave some bread and water and lighted candles on the table before they sleep on the night of Halloween, and this is intended to welcome visiting spirits.
In China, they put food and water in front of the pictures of deceased loved ones.
In the Czech Republic they put the chairs around the fire, one for each member of the living family, and one for each dead.
Perhaps the most lavish celebrations are held in Mexico and Latin America, where Halloween is a joyous, joyful and memorable day to remember friends and loved ones who have gone.
One of the festivities of Eid is that families build an altar in their home and decorate them with sweets, flowers and pictures of those who left, in addition to their favorite food and drinks.
They also clean graves and put flowers on graves.
Sometimes they put a living person in a coffin and roam the neighborhood or village, while vendors throw fruit and flowers into the coffin.

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