Inktober Day 10 // Rusalka

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Pro Tip: Don't trust good-looking people trying to lure you into the water

I think a lot of cultures have some sort of lore regarding creatures lurking in the water, waiting to draw unsuspecting victims into the murky depths. I think of a lot of people are familiar with the Siren from Greek mythology, a malicious version of a mermaid who uses their enchanting voice to hypnotize sailors to crash their ships into craggy rocks.

One creature from mythology that has always interested me is the Rusalka. Known in Slavic folklore, the Rusalki take the guise of beautiful young women who dwell in bodies of water and tempt men who wander by. As with all folklore, the stories and details vary. The Rusalki aren't always depicted as malevolent; but the version of the fairytale I'm most intrigued by is where they lure men into the water, entangle them in their long hair, and submerge them till they succumb to their fate.


I had wanted to depict the rusalka for a while now so when I saw that the Drawlloween theme for today was "lagoon" I jumped at the chance to draw my take on the Slavic legend.

I think this may be my favorite Inktober doodle that I've drawn this month. I was a little concerned with rendering the water since I've never been particularly strong at illustrating water, but I'm really happy with how it all came out.

Since Steemit has such a diverse community and I know I have followers from all around the world, I'd love to hear if anyone grew up hearing about Rusalka. Or if you come from a different cultural background, if you have a similar version. Or or if you just have any cool folklore/mythological creatures you feel like telling me about, I'm super into that stuff so, please, do tell.

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I know about siren but I've never heard of Rusalka. It's pretty nifty that you introduced me into an awesome folklore. I love myths and creepy stuff, creepy myths are even better lol.
I like that this drawing is divided stylishly in the middle with the black and white part. And the connection and interaction between the two characters are nicely done.
Lovely artwork :).

Great inks indeed! The concept is very old and seen in popular films and books as well. Remember the scene in Lord of the Rings, where Frodo or Sam is dragged underwater in a bog. I guess it has to do with the deep fear of the dark depths of the water and the unknown & unseen terrors that lurk there. Fear of the dark and fear of the deep must be the most primal fears for humanity! You also seem fascinated by the depths, I think I remember another drawing with a witch going deeper and deeper in the water with her huge hair flowing all around.

Heey this is an awesome illustration :D I think I'd fall for a Rusalka since I really love water hahah I new about this creature because of tv, I remember I have seen them several times on tv movies and stuff but I didn't know they had that name, it's great to know it now! Nice post! This post will be proposed to be curated by the @celfmagazine project

Really good illustration, i very like the intention behinde it.

I love this one a lot, Theresa <3 Such a beautiful depiction of a hardly known folklore <3 And the composition is so lovely, it reminds me of the Nymphs painting, also (the famous one) (you know which one)... Love the body language of both the man and the rusalka and your inking is so wonderful and clean <3

I think it might be my favourite from your 2018 inktober pieces also (so far) but the month is young yet !!! :D

Nice piece of art with a great message. The young dude never knew that something withing is more dangerous that the beauty he sees outside.

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Spectacular. I really like the white and black split.

Great illustration of this Slavic legend. Thinking about Slavic gods and legends and myths, they are not so pretty and dreamy :) Like there is always something threatening and scarring those who believe.
As children we were frightened with baba Jaga
Even my great grandmother forbidden us kids to imitate owl howls because it was believed it brings death to home :(

I'm from Slovakia and I know Rusalka very well :) Your illustration is great. She appears beautiful but...

Great contribution to inktober. Thank you for sharing!

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