Inktober Days 5 & 8

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The first week of October has passed and I have five nifty Inktober drawings to show for it. I skipped the weekend, something I had a feeling was going to happen. I also did not post Friday's drawing because I was just plum out of time. So today, you get two drawings for the price of one!

Day 5


Day 8


I didn't follow a theme for either of these; I just kinda drew what came to me. But there are prompt lists, if anyone needs some inspiration:

I wish I had some cool insight into how I came up with these but, I got nothing. I just like creepy witch aesthetics and Victorian Era clothing. What can I say?

How's everyone else been doing with the Inktober challenge?

Previous Drawings

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Keeping with my one horror/halloween movie-a-night tradition, tonight I am watching Scary Movie 3. If you guys have any must-see spooky movie recommendations, I'd love to hear about it in the comments!


If you'd like to keep up with more of my work you can check me out at the following:

Instagram: @la.fumettista
Twitter: @TheresaChiechi


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these are cool! : ) keep up the good work!

Yo ! I like your art style 👍🏻

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Nice works, especially the day 8 one.
Her clothing and her pose are nicely done, I think you should just follow your muse and ignore the list if the words are not inspiring :).

Thank youuu :) Yeah, I've been going rogue a lot recently. Tomorrow's drawing will be in theme however. I only do them, if they intrigue me enough.

Wonderful as usual and I love the dress! You know me and dresses!

Thank you!! There's actually this mobile dress up game, Love Nikki that I play sometimes that inspired this dress. That and my love of Victorian aesthetics XD

really nice and gothic, theresa ! i love these <3 the woman with the lantern has a kick-ass dress * ___ * love that veil so much !!!

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