Inktober Day 9 // Soul Eater

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Welcome to another edition of "Theresa Gushes Over An Anime" 🎉 🎉

First things first, please listen to this song for the duration of this post.

Now that you are properly prepared to continue on with this post, I'd like to take this time to tell you a little bit about Soul Eater.

Soul Eater revolves around the students who attend Death Weapon Meister Academy and their efforts to train themselves to fight against the many evils of their wield, mostly being witches and demon-like creatures. The students pair off, one having the special ability to transform their bodies into weapons and the other one wielding them to combat evil. Their ultimate goal is to collect 99 evil souls and one witch soul in order to transform themselves into the ultimate weapon.

It's got a cool gothic-halloweeny vibe, well animated and dynamic fight scenes, wacky characters, and kick ass opening song...what more could you want??

So, why do I bring up Soul Eater?

Well I'm always looking to drag innocent bystanders into shows I like...but also because for today's Inktober I drew one of the characters, a witch by the name of Eruka Frog.

She's a fun supporting character who kinda gets bites off more then she can chew. She's not my favorite character, but I always loved her character design.

Anyways if you have the time and are itching to get sucked into a new anime, I highly recommend Soul Eater. It's also kind of a great watch for October because of it's gothic and spooky aesthetics.

Okay, that's all for now!

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First things first, please listen to this song



This was such a throwback, well not that much because I was thinking about this series earlier this morning, on of the best I've seen, the writting is amazing and the characters are fucking unforgettalbe, and don't get my started on thos OP's and ED's lol

I mean technically it is! It came out like ten years ago? But it still holds up. Yeah, everything about it was so good, it's definitely one of my favorites. And yeah, killer soundtrack.

Seems like a fun character ! Her face expression is very interesting and playful :) I probably should check out Soul Eater at some stage :)

Do it, do it!!

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Wow! Soul Eater!!
Nostalgic animation!!
I never saw Soul Eater properly, but your art is wonderful!👍

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