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Hello everyone! I hope you're well :)

This project is a collaboration with @bflanagin for The Team of Two Contest ^^ This post is just an addition of how I made the art to our official entry which you can check out and support here: Our Official Contest Post. I did the visual design and @bflanagin created an awesome story to complete the mystery! I highly recommend to read the full story by @bflanagin here, as he had to cut it short to fit the contest rules ^^

Before I begin explaining the art I have an announcement: this is my last long post for a while. Tomorrow I'm getting back to real life work, which I'm really looking forward to and I will have only little free time.

This may not come as a surprise, but I've finally reached my burn out point for Steemit. I've given my best without compromising myself, like participating in logo contest even though I hate drawing logos. Still, I feel I haven't achieved enough here for all the effort, so I'll be focusing my efforts elsewhere. I really hope that things will improve on Steemit, but I'm not counting on it. I'm not powering down and in fact I've set my payout to 100% power up for now (unless it turns out that it's better to power up manually).

I will host the last (for now) Random games tomorrow as we already have a prize pool. There will be no more minnow adoption for now. The winner of the previous Random Games is: @marblely
The final winner of minnow adoption is @sanderjansenart !

I'm mainly sharing this in case @enternamehere will want to find a new Steemian to delegate to, as my blog won't be the same as before. A huge thank you to @enternamehere for the delegation, as without it I would have probably given up months ago. And thank you to @gmuxx for setting up Steempress for me, otherwise I'd probably take a total break now.

Construction Sketch

I will always continue doing what I love: drawing and painting. I'll continue sharing my art with you guys, but no more detailed explanations, process photos or other extra things. If you have any questions feel free to always ask. :) I've also prepared a sample text to copy paste into my posts as I'd feel bad to just post single images:

I'm a self taught artists, specialising in digital art. In my spare time I love to experiment with various mediums creating many unusual dragons. Occassionally I also show off my pixel art and various original concept art. I also enjoy doing art studies as they help me improve. I've shared everything I know about art in my old posts, but now I'm busy with work so my posts will be short. Feel free to ask any questions you have! ^^ If you'd like serious art criticism and feedback on you artwork (no holding back), you may link your art post in the comments and I'll check it out when I can. :) If you make any sort of post about dragons, share it in the comment any time! I would love to see it. <3 Thank you for checking out my art blog!
What do you guys think?

About the Art

The initial A6 size rough sketch

I actually wanted to draw with traditional mediums like color pencils or ink pens, when I first started the sketch. However as I developed the front and side view drawings I realized that I wanted to make the art feel much darker and more gritty, like the Nun study I did not so long ago.

Designing the side view

The reason I did front and side view is because I thought @bflanagin wanted to do 3D ^^ I told him to pick a name for the dragon or write a short backstory (I actually thought just a couple of lines xD). He picked to do the name and a long story, which I find quite hard to do and it takes a lot of time, more than art usually. The story turned out great and the short excerpt for the contest really made me want to read more :D

The outlines

The side view intentionally resembles a Sphinx, a mythical creature with the human head and the body of a lion. I added the blindfold much later and it was a random idea in the moment, accentuating the middle eye. Thinking about it now, I think it was possibly inspired by @hiddenblade's amazing photo that I saw not so long ago.

When I started the digital art, I did a rough sketch first. After which I lowered the opacity of that layer and did the outline. Once I had the outline I selected the empty space outside and inverted the selection so that I could fill the body with a base color easily. This wasn't perfect tho, so I had to clean the edges, as the color was bleeding through.

I duplicated the outlines, for a stronger impression. You can see how over the base layer I added the shadows and highlights on a new layer but I clipped it to the base one.

For the dots I used a texture brush, I don't remember where I got it or if I made it long ago. I felt that the chalk brush didn't have a strong enough texture, so this worked out much better.

I decided to keep the cards on the ground, but I made them dark to be much less noticeable. I tried to use as many symbolic items as possible, like the moon shape and the crystal ball.

That's it :D

I also plan to do inktober this year, so hopefully I'll have some art to share daily even if a bit.

Last but not least: nothing is set in stone with me. If I feel inspired and motivated I use that to my full advantage.

Thank you for reading and to everyone who stuck around! <3

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Thank you for adopting me! Sad to hear you will be less active on Steemit...but I can understand

Great collaboration! Good luck in the contest :)


Thank you ^^

I hope you don't disappear completely. SteemIt needs people like you to survive. Thanks for all the help, Kristy.

The seer dragon is great, especially the blindfold part, that's totally unexpected.

It's understandable you need a steemit break because you've invested a lot of effort and time into your blog here in 2018. I'm glad you accepted the delegation and put it to work in a useful way. Moving ahead, I am delegating the SP to another worthy account in the near future.

Thank you so much for your transparency, your fairness, and for sharing your imaginative work with us here. Plus another thank you for the photo reference packs, I do appreciate them! All around thank you.

Good luck with your art and your work. See you around in the future. Take care, Kristy! :^D :^D


Thank you for the kind words and especially for delegating :D It helped greatly, and I almost reached 1k sp hehe!
Good luck finding someone!
You take care too ^_^


There we go! 1k SP for the win ^-^


Ha! 1K FTW, that's awesome!
Happy Inktober, I'm looking forward to seeing your interpretations of the prompts 🙂


Thank you :D
Based on the new hardfork, it might not be a bad idea to delegate smaller amounts to more accounts, otherwise those with little SP won't be able to interact on Steemit. This is just an idea for when you decide to redelegate ^^
If you'd like I could try this, there are several Steemians I interact with that have less than 100SP


Thanks for offering a suggestion, I appreciate it. Right now I've got an account in mind for my next delegation. But in the future, would you be willing to share some names with me for delegation?


Lovely! Even better :)
I can't make promises as Steemit constantly changes and people come and go. We can see when the time is right. ^^

I could still do a 3D version, and I appreciate that you drew it in such a way as it could be easily done. Who knows maybe I'll just go on a spree and make little figurines of all your dragons. It would be good practice and I'll be sure to add you as a beneficiary if I do. :) Really enjoyed working with you.


Awesome :D I would love to see that ^^
And the pleasure was mine!

Sorry to see you step away from Steemit. Though I know it can be frustrating, So hard to see folks buying votes to rise to the top, and original artists such as yourself doing your hard work thing, day after day, and not getting higher rewards. Afraid it is a microcosm of the entire world. Hope it turns around some day, and that you don't completely abandon Steemit. It has so many positives, with the wonderful people that partake in so much of it at the top of the list. Good luck, and keep on drawing and having fun in life. Cheers, dd


Thank you :) yeah I'm not totally quitting as I'll draw for fun anyways so I'll have something to post ^^ I just don't see a point anymore in putting in the extra effort in a posts or "marketing" for almost same payout as the one with less effort. Instead I'll just focus on improving my art skills. :)

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wow, it looks great, good luck in a new job :)


Thanks ^^ And it's not a new job, just had a very long break from it.