October is for inking!

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Hey, Steemit! Come on in. Sit down. It’s late but I’d love some company. Nightfall here in the Twin Cities and this evening, I’m going to share some some thoughts on the annual festivities known as “Inktober”. I’ve always wanted to participate in this, doing an ink drawings every day during the month of October […especially with my documented love for comics]. 

Sadly, this is another year I can’t commit to Inktober. Excuses, excuses, but in my aging wisdom I’ve grounded myself with the things I’d “like” to do with the reality of the things I have time to do. I’m a dad and I’m a dad full time. Photography is how I pay the bills. Steemit commands my time beyond those things, then travel, MTG, comics, life. 

Trial by Comics was my last real commitment. It’s something I gave a lot of thought to and had to decide if it was realistic I could follow through week in, week out. One drawing a week shouldn’t be unreachable goal under any circumstance with the exception of real family or life emergencies and I wanted to give something back to the Steemit community to foster it’s growth, especially in art and comics. Trial by Comics is only in it’s sixth week but it’s already gained so much momentum I know it’s here to stay. Once Steemit communities are introduced, it’s going to explode. No regrets on time and resources spent on Trial by Comics.

Still, though, I’m a little sad Inktober isn’t happening for me, yet again. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of my favorite comic book inking I’ve done n the last year or so in a post here, esoecauoly considering much of it was Steemit-centric. Everything shown below was done digitally using the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate app. So, in no particular order.

@jamielefay’s “Bring Ahe’ey to Life” Contest

@jamielefay is a novelist that made a big splash in the Steemit community in it’s early days. She began posting chapters or her fantasy novel “Ahe’ey”. She ran a contest for the artists on Steemit to draw or paint interpretations of the characters in Ahe’ey. This was my entry for the character Sky. I think I got second place and 177.000 SBD’s! Curious why @jamielefay disappeared from the community. She was killing it with post rewards long before the rest of us.

Vampire Hunter D for Steemit Anime Drawing Challenge

There was a anime art contest a few weeks ago here on Steemit, and although I’m not a die hard anime nerd like @vermillionfox, I decided to enter an inked piece of Vampire Hunter D; one of the few I’ve always liked. Done on the iPad Pro using Apple Pencil and Procreate app.

THEIA; My own comic that wasn’t meant to be

This is still a sad story. Well over 10 years ago, I saw a special on Disovery’s “Most Extreme” where I first learned about the tardigrade, or waterbear. I developed a story of a bioengineer who successfully graphed extemeophile DNA to that of a human. I wrote the entire first issue and developed all the characters. These pages were for the front and back cover of the first issue of THEIA. Unfortunately, about 2 years ago, I woke up to texts from several friends with the same articles cited in “I Fucking Love Science” and “Now This” that was literally the premise of my THEIA comic. I waited too long. It knocked all the wind out of my sails to continue, but these pages are still some of the best inking I’ve ever done.

I’m sure I can dig up a few more pages of inked comic art so I may do a second “nod to Inktober” before the end of the month. For those considering entering this week’s Trial by Comics “Magic: The Gathering” contest, the deadline is this Friday. Any medium is fine so ink something and hit two birds with one stone!

Thanks for reading! I post daily, so for more illustration, photography, art and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Someday you'll have time for inktober. Maybe when steemit allows you to retire early !

In the meantime trial by comics is a good use of your time/abilities.

Also nice to be back and able to check out your work again! Wifi in italy was bad haha.

WHAT?! Those covers from Theia! POW! Mind blowing 8-O You are SO talented! I'm not sure I fully grasp the content of the story but don't let anyone stop you from going through. Sometimes it doesn't matter if the story got told. It's your own interpretation that matters most...


Completely agree with @jrej! There are so many stories with the same basic premise, but it all comes down to the details and execution. I'm sure Theia is much different from the others.

I started following you after the Theia posts, and hadn't spotted them in the depths of your blog! It's great that you brought it up again and I got a look.

Wow if you are good at drawing, I love it and it hurts that you can not meet the Inktober, hopefully for the next if you have time and manage to publish every day. ;)

Some really fine work from you @kommienezuspadt - remember resteeming that Vamp D when you first did it. Always a pleasure to stop in.

My time too is very limited so I decided on one big page filled with 31 little drawings. 5minutes per day seems manageable. If you're interested read my post on that. It's never too late to join.

Have you read Blankets? My all-time favorite graphic novel by Craig Thompson.

always doing awsmness wishing u a great success in future brother :) @kommienezuspadt by @sarabjotsingh

Incredible. Love the details and balance you develop with inking.

Dude you must do it, find time to draw, you are doing it great

wow! that's amazing

That's amazing art you are doing!

Same! I wanted to do Inktober and I'm realizing that its already the 5th and I haven't done anything. Guess I'll stick to drawing whenever I feel like it instead of being forced into it. XD

Sencillamente fabulosos los dibujos. Greatings.

I know what you mean about inktober - I can rarely manage to find time to do 1 drawing/week, let alone daily! (Though I suppose it depends on the goal/how "finished" you want each piece to be...) I am definitely loving the Trial by Comics motivation though!

Also, it is the worst when you have an amazing idea for something, and then wait a while, and suddenly BAM someone else got it done first! It's actually really freaky how often that happens to us (hubby and I)... Makes me start to wonder on "multiple discovery". Maddening.

Your work is incredible! I hope you can find a way to continue, or to reuse characters in some way... I think you could really do something in the comic scene.

This post is a 'to beat' - those other dudes doing inktober should look at this post and take after it. Superb work on those artworks!

what a wonderful steemit account and a great innovative use of the platform!
I unfourtantley a not skilled enough to participate, but I would love to return to upvote the posted gallery.

oh my god, I absolutely love Vampire Hunter D's drawing!

Thankyou for sharing @kommienezuspadt. .
If you do not mind, would you like to see my post ??? 🙏🙏🙏


thank you for bringing the artists community together! what an incredible platform. wow!

I think Inktober is one of the most clever incentives out there to get people to draw. I remember when I kept falling into that trap of "Oh, i'm not drawing because I don't know what to draw..." kind of thing. But to have one month a year where (it looks like) the entire world joins together on a challenge is awesome. It really puts the fire under a lot of people's butts, so to speak - and the daily prompts are lots of help. However, if you've already been drawing the rest of the year, working up other projects and what not, it's super hard to join in on the challenge. I did a few ink sketches last year, and unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to do even that many this year. Feeling pressured to ink out a drawing and stressing about it, after having worked on your own personal thing is not a pleasant feeling. And last thing I'd want to do is put together a half-assed, rushed piece of work, just to meet a daily deadline. But some people manage to do it. But those people are elves or wizards. ¯\(ツ)
I think Trail by Comics is a great challenge with more than enough time to brainstorm and put something together, while juggling your other everyday projects. Keep 'em coming @kommienezuspadt!
PS: you should certainly get THEIA out there. Would love to check it out. Like, seriously man.

Nice one!!!

wow! You have so much talent. you deserve the best. four thumbs up! (yep, including the toes) kudos!

following you.

Yeah you got some serious talent! And as people just said, there are always similarities with different stories, or indeed any art form, what have you got to lose?

Right now you lose all the time and valuable artwork with nothing to gain. Also a lifetime of regret and not knowing!

On the the hand, if you release it perhaps you lose some money, but perhaps it's super successful?

I once filmed a friend's band in a church. (I wrote a story about it here, not intending to be a shameless plug but relating). I never gave them the videos as I thought I did such a shitty job, recently opening them has made me realise I was stupid and should have just sent them, it's no big deal and they're not bad at all. Slightly different circumstances as you don't have doubt in the quality of your work but the regret will feel the same...although your situation could genuinely do really well!

Vampire Hunter D is one of my favorite animes.

I love inktober. It got me into daily art last year. Good habits :)