Cryptopia - Page #002 pencils!

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Good evening, Steemians! I’m making this post earlier than usual tonight because it was done, more or less, last night. I finally made time to draw. Not that I could really afford to, but it’s essential for mental and creative health. I’ve had a stressful few days thanks to @tarotbyfergus, and life in general, but mostly @tarotbyfergus. There’s been an ongoing Magic: The Gathering drama which you can read about in his stupid post “Planeswalker deck of doom! aka The Bane of @kommienezuspadt”, but probably shouldn’t because it doesn’t say anything important and is a huge waste of time. I digress. I got to draw more this week than usual, and I really needed that.

The drawing I made time to work on was comic book stuff, and not just any comic book stuff, the second page of my Steemit inspired comic, Cryptopia. For new followers that haven’t heard about this project, you should take a look at my previous blog post “Full script of issue #001, my Steemit inspired comic!”. This story is near to my heart and it’s a daily struggled to get ahead of all my photography work to put in a few hours on Crypto, it is coming, though. It looks at a near-future world where cryptocurrency surpass the threshold of holds, earnings and trading over fiat currencies, world-wide.

This is the second page. The story is just getting underway. I introduced the London deceives, Howe and Arendse in an earlier character design profile, “Detectives Howe and Arendse character designs for Cryptopia comic!”. You can read everything about them in that post. They just arrived on the scene of a hideous murder. A prominent conservative politician instrumental in bringing widely accepted cryptocurrency wealth to London was found buried alive in a small casket on the edge of a construction site.

Detectives Howe and Arendse inspect the body and the gruesome manner in which he was killed […the coffin was equipped with a muffled pipe to allow the flow of oxygen and was left with two cases of bottled water]. They realize that the murder victim is the husband of another well publicized politician, Freya Thatcher-Forsyth. In the comic pages, the story will develop, but as I mentioned, the entire script of issue one if already available to read.

This was drawn using Procreate, the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I absolutely love this iPad and I’m going to be doing a deep dive on the new iPad Pro, specifically for writers, creatives and artists. It’ll be posted exclusively here because, after all, it was bought entirely with STEEM rewards. Many thanks to @cryplectibles and @bryan-imhoff for keeping the comic hashtag thriving here on Steemit, also to @catapanoart and @anritco for pushing me to do my very best. Their work is top shelf and every post they make reminds to be sharpen my skills and up my game.

Here's a look a the hyperlapse drawing. I post daily. Thanks for reading and supporting artists here on Steemit! For more illustration and comics, art and photography, follow me here @kommienezuspadt.

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Thank you for the shoutout and thanks for sharing your comic work. I want that pad and pen set you have, that is so awesome how you seem to be doing pencils directly in the digital form beautifully. Great drawings, can't wait to see how this progresses. The video is great, you literally can be on the pooper and take your whole office with you, jealous of this setup.

Do you a deal - you keep posting & I'll keep ^voting.

Really enjoy your work, love the line style & weighting, good indicators of space too like less detail & variation in line density etc. Reminds me of graphic novels from the 90's. For some reason that sentence got me thinking of Chasing Amy lol.

Good post! I'm going to follow you to see more post like this and for support us!

hello friend @kommienezuspadt i like your post , thanks for sharing keep it up :-)

Interesting plot! :)
Most of all superb talent. You really get the comic feel of it, thank you for sharing!

Cool, it is coming along. I am looking forward to seeing the deep dive into the iPad for creatives. BTW were did you get the no touch glove? The little drawing I have done on my iPad, was frustrated by my hand touching the screen.


Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Thanks for the mention. You're a huge inspiration to me here so it's an honor.

I LOVE that video. It's great to watch your process. I can't believe you work so small with the almost constant split screen. Seeing the script and references pulled up, referring to and reorganizing your past pages, playing with your perspective grid lines... it was a great insight to your process, much better than the in-app replays that Procreate would give.

Greatly looking forward to more pages, insights on the iPad and of course photography!

This is stunning! Absolutely love the setting, theme and the art. Looks like it was a long time since you had time to work on this, and I think it's a huge shame.

Will be supporting this 100% as it moves forward. Keep it up!

Haha, thanks for mentioning me. I think you are very much right up there with your art. As for your new page, bravo! It looks like you are applying a lot of the tricks of the trade.
Just like last time I have a couple of nit picks that will give this page an even better flow.
Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 5.06.43 PM.png

It seems like you want to have a "z" shaped leading of the eye, which is traditional and awesome. It works as is, but there is a little kink in the 2nd and 3rd panels. Essentially, the 2nd and 3rd are competing for the attention. I think this is mainly caused by the right hand side speech bubble. So the reader wants to read the next piece of text but the line work almost flows to the hand first. To resolve this, possibly lower the panel with the hand to let the guy take full control of the 2nd read and then let his eye direction that you cleverly already used to direct the reader to the swooping hand and will more easily connect to the rounded ground in the last panel.
My last caution is that you broke the panel borders twice in one page. Remember the more that you use this technique willy nilly the less effective it gets. I would say it is not needed in the last panel especially if you want it to read the way I am guessing.

Awesome work, though. Keep up the grind and it pays off as you already know.
Again, thanks for the shout out and in case you didn't know, I released a few page comic on my blog as well. Please take a look, I know you already saw the snippets on IG. Can't wait to see more!