Yestarday a drew a rooster

in art •  4 months ago

Yesterday I had a lot of time to spend on drawing, so I drew the piece you can see on the video.
It took me about 160 min to draw that, spending most of the time on getting sketch right - especially proportions and placement of his eye and comb. Comparison before and after changing comb and eye placement:

It was my first "bigger" drawing that I decided to color. Right after I started coloring I've noticed how much I messed up - I shouldn't draw each single hair in sketch phase - and as you can see on the video I had to mask them and redraw again in my overpainting phase - this is where I add details, fix little things and blend colors with sketch if needed.
Here is a comparison of before and after overpaint:

And the final image in high resolution:

I want to hear your opinion and also if you have any post with your drawings, show them in comments! I would love to see your work! :) Have a great day!

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your post has been very nice


Thank you! :)

Effective use of detailing to bring realism to the rooster. The video is very good.


Thank you! :D

That is unbelievable. You can be proud of yourself :B


Thank you very much ^^

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