Snowmen's life #4: Wrong vegetable [my doodle]

in art •  last year

Today I found out that @deemarshall is hosting doodle contest Artstorm again. Basically all you need to do there is to draw a doodle using a given theme. Join this contest too, seems fun to me :)

This is my entry for "vegetables" theme :)

Maybe it's a wrong vegetable, but I don't carrot all!

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hahah the doodle is amazing :D

snow men is having all the fun in the winter season :)

Hi, I found your post in my feed. It didn't have the artstorm tag so that was lucky I saw it. Thank you for your Entry. Unfortunately, upvoting and resteeming my contest post for the day you enter is a condition of entry.
Here is a link to the post:

If you don't upvote and resteem this post then you will only be entered for the final prize and not the daily prize.


Ahaha, you know what? I just realized that I didn't read the terms :)
I totally missed title and tag things and obviously spent more than 10 minutes on drawing... LOL, you should disqualify me this time )


It's a good pic :)

doodle is awesome the detailed version wow

that is amazing...

Nice work for the challenge very amazing

you don't carrot at all i like that hahah

detailed on this doodle is incredible liked it very much

i am not good at drawing doodle but you are a professional

snowman i loved this doodle of them

So cutee :3
Your other snowmen posts are really fun too :D

That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way, have a nice..

Wow nice post.Keep Doodling .................

Nice doodle on the theme and creative

Wow looks a fantastic doodle amazing work

Your thought is very nice.You always uploads interesting and important post.I also Upvote and resteem your post sir.Upvote and resteem done.Have a nice day sir.

wow thanks..this seems to be very interesting :)

interesting post..sign to achieve in all parts of your post. this can add my insights and other steemit users ... I like .. thank you for posting.

Amazing doodle...Upvoted and resteemed

It's amazing

its Really amazing !!!! so funny mood 😁😂😂😂😅😉