Airbrushed Walter White of Breaking Bad Time Lapse...Artwork Process

in art •  2 years ago

Hello Followers!!

Here is the next in the series of 4 artworks. I actually forgot to mention that this and the previous artwork I painted are to be displayed (with another 2 artworks that I am yet to paint) at an art gallery here in Melbourne, Australia. Pretty excited about it and I will share with you once they are up on their wall.

If you missed the last artwork of Jules from Pulp fiction, then please follow the link below, otherwise scroll down to check out the Walter White.

So, what I am here writing about today is the Walter White piece, as mentioned this will be a 4 part display so stay tuned for the other 2. See below for the full time lapse of this artwork


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I also like art and do sketching sometimes... but you are at another level... great job .. YOu can give me some advice on mine if you like...


Thank you. Nice angelina drawing, I like it

Great post you r doing awesome work


Thank you

Very good!!!


Nice! I love breaking bad, you nailed it. :)


Haha yeah me too, and thank you :)

Nice! Love Breaking Bad.
Good work.


One of my favorite shows, thank you!

This is so good. I love how you did it on wood too.


Thanks, I love painting on timber

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